Friday, January 11, 2008

Play It Again Sam...

Casablanca. They never actually said that in the movie you was, "Play it Sam. Play...As Time Goes By..."

I loved that movie. So heartbreakingly romantic. Just like the Notebook. The Notebook is the modern romantic equivalent to Casablanca. Wish I could do my hair like that...wish I could appear in black and white and wander around Paris with that soft lens effect, lol.

I had a dream last night that made me think of Casablanca. It was funny. I was in Paris at the beginning of it. I flew in on a little prop plane like the one in the afore mentioned movie. It was in colour - but my hair did look kind of fantastic (as only dream hair can). I also had a fabulous outfit on... but I digress. The point of my dream was - someone stole Spartan and I was searching for him. It was not unlike Where In The World in Carmen Sandiego... but there were these dreamy sequences of me walking around cities stopping on bridges and gazing out into the night longingly.

Every city I landed in had a clue. And I was often approached by random people who - for some reason knew what I was doing and were offering to help me by providing me with hints. It even had a soundtrack which makes it even stranger. (sort of like the link)

Anyways, I kept flying around - just narrowly missing him - but eventually after 30 years, I found him in the first place I started looking. Oddly, I was still wearing the same dress....He was standing near a fountain in a cobble stoned courtyard - just after it had finished raining. Strangely - as it was dreamland - we hadn't aged a bit but the entire world had. I think we actually looked younger. He had his hands in his pockets and a little smile. We walked towards eachother, slowly and I was crying - sobbing actually. I said, "My...ey...ey...eyes are leaking." He said, "I know just what to do about that." Instead of kissing away my tears like you might imagine - he broke out into this Riverdance type jig and started belting out "Singing in the Rain" that somehow did a full circle to "If Your Happy and You Know It". (Yes, I clapped my hands).

Somehow the romantic epic of a dream I was having went sort of sideways in the retelling. Which is precisely why I'm retelling it. Cuz it was funny.

Then he handed me a take out coffee (just the way I like it) and asked if I wanted to go home. I just smiled and nodded, we clasp hands and walked off into the night.

Dreams are strange. (I could certainly use that coffee right about now...)


Glugster said...

I can't believe you remembered all that!

Like yourself, your dreams are extremely funny! LOL

elizabeth said...

I remember my dreams in vivid detail - especially when they are right before I wake up which this one happened to be.

Like myself? Why glugs - thanks ;-P

Slyde said...

wow! what are the odds that we had the exact same dream last night?

elizabeth said...

You held hands with Spartan in your dream too?

Kat said...

I had a dream last night that I went to see a children's choir named We Sing The Best We Can.

elizabeth said...

That's absolutely adorable. There SHOULD be a children's choir named that. If there was I'd go.

John said...

Maybe you should decide against the coffee if you are having dreams like that :)

Very funny.

elizabeth said...

Noooo. Coffee is my crutch. lol.