Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bonus Post - pour vous! Mais oui! C'est vrai!

Roo-"Babs, that's gross. Stop picking your nose."
Babs-"I'm not ROO! I was just.... dusting it."
Me - loud unstoppable side clutching laughter while hugging my little dustmop tight. Oops. Mother of the year award is slipping further and further away...

I found a pair of smashing shoes today that have been missing in boxes that I have been searching through this week. These are my favorite and most painful shoes. They sparkle, they shine - and they make me 7 feet tall. (Okay not really). But you know how the taller you are the skinnier you look? Yeah? Well I feel like a twizzler when I wear these shoes - and in case you were wondering that's a good thing. Sadly, though they make my legs look rather fabulous if I do say so myself - they are really only good for one thing. That one thing is sitting. But sit I will and I will look damn good doing it.

That just completely cheered me up. Little things people. It's in the little things.

I also ate a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. Nearly brought tears of joy to my eyes. I could have been 6 years old in that moment. Nothing so good for a grumpy day as a new "old" pair of shoes and a warm chocolate chip cookie.

I have also returned to confess that my pillow obsession has reached a new level of insanity. The pillows now take up exactly one half of my bed when made. It crept up slowly and now it's getting out of hand. Can't seem to stop myself. I keep adding more when no one's looking. Soon there will be no room left for the bed. When I actually go to bed and have to remove all of the"decorative" pillows - there is actually no floor left in the room. Makes it rather difficult when one's been drinking wine and attempts to find the loo around 3 a.m.... not that I know anyone like that mind you...
(I picture my life down the road;
Me - "I know Dr. but I really like pillows. They comfort me. It's like a hobby. I don't see the harm in it really."
Spartan - "But Dr., she makes me sleep on the floor. She says there's no room in the bed."
Me - "But I sleep with you on the floor!"
Spartan - "SEE?"
Me - "What! At least the stairs come in handy to arrange the pillows!!")
The worst part is - tonight for a fleeting moment, I was actually trying to figure out if I could manage to sleep stretched across the bottom of the bed - as not the disturb the carefully arranged bouquet of pillows (aka - b.o.p.).

And now I am going to go back to eating cookies and binge drinking. LOL. Just kidding. Hot cocoa tonight kids.
*in stage whisper* It's all about the chocolate.


Ruby said...

shoes and fresh chocolate chip cookies........suddenly I miss living with the parentals a bit!

KaB said...

haiwenna...I luuuuurve pillows...you know...when I'm snuggling next to a beau I find that I can't sleep well if I don't have a pillow to hug! I have this phallic type pillow thing at home (not intended to be phallic just comes across that way) that puts me to sleep, that & sucking my thumb...yes...at 23 I still do that! Anyway, I struggle to sleep next to other people & get hot if I'm being snuggled up close & personal...therefore I push the beau away & hug a pillow to bring on the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

As for the shoes & chocolate...damn girl...you've made me want to go out & shop right now, as well as, eat loads of chocolate...I will prevail...to the gym!

Sweet post :) pardon the pun!

elizabeth said...

ruby - then you must bake your own chocolate chip cookies - it is the only thing to do.

Kab - well as much as I lurve the pillows, I must admit there is nothing better then snuggling to sleep clutching the Spartan. I would likely give up chocolate, shoes AND pillows for that ;-D

Too bad there wasn't a shoe store that served cookies while you shopped. That would be fantastic.

Ruby said...

hey! maybe we should open a shop like that!!! i recon it would be an instant hit

Slyde said...

i wish i could bake things to make me feel better...

all i would do would be setting things on fire.

B.E. Earl said...

I am obsessed with my body pillow. I wrap myself around that sucker tight on my best nights of sleep. Those are few and far between, but when they happen...magic!

elizabeth said...

ruby - I'm in. But I have a feeling I might end up having to go to the gym A LOT MORE. lol.

Slyde - Yeah. That mightn't be a bad idea.

Earl - OOOh. Body pillow. That's one pillow I don't have yet....

Kat said...

It's a good thing you don't eat cheese in bed. I would ruin all your nice pillows.
Where's MY cookie???!!!

Kat said...

it would
not me
I like pillows

elizabeth said...

Kat - yeah. EXACTLY. There is no food near the holy pillows. The odd coffee but that's it. (I ate your cookie. I sorry.)

I know you like pillows. Pillows are heavenly. Just like your cookie was heavenly. Muah hahahahaa.