Monday, January 14, 2008

The Mail Is Just a Wonderful Thing

I love getting mail. Snail mail. With stamps.

I hate getting junk mail.... usually.

But today I had a post card for a Past Life Regression journey. Now THAT could be fun.

I wonder if I really was a princess in my past life? Or maybe some starlett. That would explain a lot of things. Hmmm.

Last month when I was at my "other" home the doorbell rang. I think Spartan and I were in the process of getting up and showered, you know just not primed for company. But since Spartan was IN the shower - I went to answer the door. Since I don't know all of the people that know Spartan, it was quite possible that this couple standing outside the door were friends of his, just popping in to wish a Merry xmas and all that. And they LOOKED normal (ish).

Anyways, as usual I was being very friendly. They seemed sort of confused by my demeanor. That should have been the first clue. Then when the woman told me that she had met my husband back at the beginning of the year... my husband? That's clue number two, right? But on I went becoming friendlier by the second. So friendly in fact that I scared them away but not before the woman very nervously ask me how I felt about the death of a loved one. Then she read me the bible. Then they threw a pamphlet at me and literally ran like hell. But not before I yelled "Merry Christmas" down the street. Hee heee heh.

I returned to Spartan and produced the flyer. Mmm. Lighthouse. Learn yourself up baby. What? We're out of toilet paper? Here... use this. It will make you feel holey allover. *snicker*


badgerdaddy said...

I love snail mail posty things too, but no-one ever sends me anything. Except sports manufacturing companies.

Pffffft. Would much rather have sweets in the post.

Slyde said...

yes, i love snail mail too... to this day, i always run outside after the mailman has left.

I dunno what im expecting to be in the mailbox except bills and crap, but i still want to see it straight away anyway..

B.E. Earl said...

Jesus is the Lighthouse. He shows us the way.

(I know a guy who actually said the following to a couple of Jehovah Witnesses that knocked on his door: "Go away! I'm a Catholic and my kind used to burn heathens like you at the stake!". They left.)

elizabeth said...

Badger - yeah. BUT THEN YOU MOVED!!

Slyde - yeah. Maybe if you're lucky today you'll get an opportunity to do a past life regression. I'm seriously considering asking for a group deal.

Earl - Jesus is a lighthouse? Crap. Missed that one somewhere.

USed to burn heathens like you at the stake. LMAO.

From now on when they come to the door I am sooo inviting them in and then I'm going to act like a lunatic until they blacklist any door I answer. You know - ask them to hang on while I quietly finish my voodoo doll and then very carefully ask for a lock of their hair. That could be a fun way to pass the time.

Ruby said...

i love snail mail. Makes me feel all tingly when i receive a nice snail mail letter....the good old days;)

Ruby said...

hmmmm....for some really weird reason your blog makes me think of the "I love cupcakes" shop........dunno why tho

Glugster said...

I never invite them in. I make them stand outside in the hot sun (we have a lot of sun in S.A) and then have long debates with them while they squirm in the heat, preferably with me in shorts enjoying a beer.

Hmmm. Funny. I haven't had any visits lately......

elizabeth said...

Ruby - probably cuz my blog is currently the colour of cotton candy...which for some reason I find calming. But now that you mention it... one of these days I should redecorate the place.... any ideas?

Glug - that simply means one thing. YOU'RE NEXT. Muah ahahhahahaha.

i am the diva said...

i've always wanted to tell the people at the door (be they J.W. or Mormish) that i'm gay. it tends to just shut them up. but one time i told the mormons that i don't believe in religion, that i know all about their church, and that they should go and talk to my dad - the Bishop. lol. their faces were priceless.

b-rad swears i was Egyptian Royalty in a past life.

Ruby said...

oh no!!! please don't redecorate...not now's soothing to come here and feel like i'm in a cupcake store!

elizabeth said...

diva - lol. Your dad the bishop. I wish I could tell them to just go away but I really do hate to hurt people's feelings... need to get over that.

Ruby - okay dokay. No redecorating then. But I might add some chocolate sprinkles... ;-P