Monday, January 07, 2008

A wonderful weekend, monsters and white knuckled lady

Did anyone out there know that Ottawa has no people in it? Tis the truth. City is deserted. Either that or they all sleep in really really late. They also have random "holidays" where they shut down the Starbucks simply to make me cry. Lucky for me Spartan found a Tim's and it is that reason that I may go back one day. That - and I'm dying to know where the people are actually hiding... (seriously - where the heck did they go? there was tumbleweed downtown)

On the return home I was seated beside a woman who was terrified to fly. The kind that practically claws your arm off and then nearly sits in your lap. Lady. You could have driven and - they do have drugs for that type of thing. Then there were the kids in front of me. Hellions. Three of them. Screaming "I am eating boogers" at the tops of their lungs and kicking the seats. The doctor can also provide something for that - the birth control pill. Tee hee hee. But seriously - why? Threaten to lock them in the basement for the rest of their lives or to take away their xbox. Do something. I mean - really - the emergency exit is NOT that hard to open. Is it really that hard to get your monsters to behave with a modicum of decorum?? They were old enough to know better. Sheesh. I'm eating boogers?! Who says that? Rant over. Really - I'm not that grumpy - but this was extreme.

I am about to prepare dinner and it's times like these that I wish Kat lived beside me so I could steal some of hers. She is such a good cook.

I'm going to go pour myself a very delicious beverage's going to have some alcohol in it. I know this shocks you seeing as how I'm a Reverend and all.

Lastly - I think we should unite as bloggers and do something about this writers strike. This is starting to bug me. No new Grey's??!! I will die a little each Thursday until this is rectified. Maybe we could as a collective write the shows ourselves? I'm getting desperate. I can only take so much. This is Grey's we're talking about here. It's practically my best friend. (Okay - maybe I'm being a bit dramatic - ) I wonder if the writers are stockpiling fabulous scripts so that when they do come back they will make it up to us - the innocent and loyal viewers? That thought will keep me going for another week - but then I think something ought to be done. Maybe, if we all chip in 5 bucks we could bribe them?


B.E. Earl said...

You? Alcohol? Beverage? Nah!

As for the writer's strike, some shows do have stockpiled scripts. Unfortunately, the ones that I love (Lost, 24, etc...) don't. Looks like this season of Lost will only be 8-10 episodes, and they won't even start 24 until the strike is over so they can do their continuous storytelling bit. FARK!!!

Glugster said...

hahahaha....we're so behind here in South Africa with the series, the writer's strike will probably only affect us next year!

I will however join you in the movement. What should we call it?Bloggers Against Delayed Grey Episodes (BADGE)? Mmmmm. Needs some work methinks.

elizabeth said...

Earl - How could they do this to us?! Lost already had enough repeats.

Glug - lucky you! Except when you are reading blogs - do they ever give something really important away? That would make me mad. Actually, I'd probably order all of the seasons on DVD. No commercials. Even better-er-er.

I like BADGE. I think because you came up with the name of it you get to be the v.p.

Ruby said...

lol...the kids on the plane is insane!!!! I sat in front of a little girl and her mother all the way from New york to Dubai........seriously lady, have you never ever taught your child any manners and normal behavious at all????? it was a nightmare!! glad you lived through it;-)

Badge sounds good

Slyde said...

honestly, im kinda liking the strike.

Jan-May is usually when i inundate myself with the MOST tv watching. I do it every year, but i hate myself for it.

With this strike on, i'm actually watching almost NO tv right now, which is a pleasure i usually save for summer.

its been kinda nice...

B.E. Earl said...

Oh, and maybe Ottawa was experiencing a little "I am Legend" moment while you were there.

I love big, empty cities!

elizabeth said...

ruby - that would be HELL. That's a really looong flight. FUN.

slyde - I miss it. Nothing good about it from where I'm sitting.

earl - it WAS just like that. Creeepy.