Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just in case you haven't voted...

It's the last day and we are even in the race right now.. uh oh!! HELP.

OK people...10 days till my love is in my arms. HOORAY. I am really really excited! I think the official countdown begins when the expiry date on the milk coincides with the date - which might make me strange but we already knew that.

Remember how I said I was going to keep going to the gym? I didn't. I felt/feel like hell. I plan on returning tomorrow. Wish me luck with that. It's gunna hurt. Lots. Not only will I look like the dawn of the dead - I will move like it too.

So, my parents are sailing away... they told me they made it to Key West. I don't know why they went there... not exactly on their route... but anyhoo. They told me they got a GPS tracking system and will be emailing me the link to some website so I can track their progress. That's pretty cool. I love technology. They also mentioned that they were having some minor electrical difficulties and needed to stop and get them repaired.THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME NERVOUS.

Now... I am going to go tackle the laundry. It burped the last time I walked by it. I think that's a bad sign. I'm bringing a baseball bat with me just in case.


Slyde said...

ya know... some people think the dawn of the dead look is really quite sexy....


limpy99 said...

Tell your parents to go to the No-Name Pub somewhere on Big Pine Key. near Key West. Best pizza in the known universe. Or so they say. I just know it's pretty damn good.

B.E. Earl said...

Limpy is right. The No-Name pub is worth a visit. It's hard to find (we got lost a few times), but fun little place when you do find it.

While in Key West they need to do a few things for me. Have the conch chowder with the bird-pepper vinegar at Louie's Backyard. Have some ice-cold beers at The Green Parrot. Have a fried fish sandwich at B.O.'s Wagon. And listen to some music in the sun at The Schooner Wharf Bar. Good times!

PS - Best of luck, beeyatch! Looks like your plea for votes is working better than my own campaign. Oh well!

Tamara said...

You love technology. It obviously works for you.

I seem to have a major personality clash with every PC / camera / thing with buttons I've ever come into contact with. *sigh* Technology hates me.

sprinkle4 said...

I kinda like the dawn of the dead look myself....so much better than that 'the hills have eyes' look ya know?

Oh, yeah....so TOTALLY am with you on the soda rant....TOTALLY...it's why I only drink water!

(yeah, I combined two blog posts into one comment....some call it cheating...I call it multi-tasking...are you tired of these little period thingies yet?.....you know....these....okay...you are....LOL)

Callie said...

You won!!!

Go you!

B.E. Earl said...

Congrats! Nice win!

grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble

lotus07 said...

Laundry monster...yeah...I have one of those living in my garage....it moves on its own sometimes.

elizabeth said...

Slyde - trust me. The last thing I am is sexy right now. But in a few days I might stop freaking out the kids around here...

Limpy & Earl - will do.

Tamara - that's funny. I think my mom suffers from the same disorder... I'm sure I'll get it one of these days.

Sprinkle - I concur. Better than the Hills Have Eyes for SURE. *shiver*
GO WATER! (and some milk - us ladies need it)

Callie - You were the first to tell me! Thank you!!

Earl - we both know it should have been you. But you took it like a true wizard. I'm proud of you.

Lotus - check for house centipedes... they are BIGGER than you think and they like laundry.