Friday, May 02, 2008

Spartan is in Montreal on business. So I call his room this morning and he answers the phone in a very cleverly disguised voice - in french! I can play too, thought I - seeing as how I'm the one that actually took French in school.

The conversation proceeds as follows (please excuse the incorrect spelling etc - my french is rusty);

Cleverly disguised Spartan - "Oui?"
Me - *supressed giggle* "Bonjour, comment cava?"
Cleverly disguised Spartan - "Bonjour. Cava Bien. *insert some impressive made up french garble here*"
Me - (thinking I'm OH so funny and the entire time trying to come up with something french to say back) "Voulez vous couchez avec moi se soir, mon chere?"
Cleverly disguised Spartan - "Pardon?"
Me - (I'm so winning this) "Oui, se soir, dans ton chambre, d'accord? ***pause***J'adore toi!"
Cleverly disguised Spartan - "*insert a whole wack of very convincing excited french garble here*"

Wait... um. That sounds kind of real. Oh. No.

me - "This isn't Spartan cleverly disguising his voice - is it?"
The man on the phone who certainly isn't Spartan - "*something very quick and very much in real french"
me - "I am so sorry" *furious blushing* "wrong room". *click*

So children of the blog, the lesson I have taken away from this morning is - do not call a place where they speak another language before you've had your coffee. It pays to be awake so you actually know who you are speaking to. Also --- stick with your first instinct... if it doesn't sound like Spartan and is speaking a different language... it likely isn't him. That poor poor man. Probably some french diplomat or something. Well... at least he'll have a funny story for his wife. Or maybe not. LOL. I'm going back to bed.


Paige Stanton said...

That's hillarious!

i am the diva said...

best thing i've read all day.

elizabeth said...

paige - oh. mm hmmm. I'm still laughing.

diva - i take my job as an idiot quite seriously purely for your reading pleasure ;)

B.E. Earl said...

That was me, by the way.

When you started quoting "Lady Marmalade" I knew it was you and kicked my 9th grade French up a notch. You hung up before I could tell you that my best freind's name was Joseph and he was sitting at a table with a monkey while the cat chased a mouse under his feet.

elizabeth said...

Earl - well what's a good french gag without that line anyhoo? Besides which I figured he would understand it... HE understood it alright.

You can say monkey in french? I can't. What is it???

B.E. Earl said...

The monkey is on the branch.

Le singe est sur la branche.

Everything I ever needed to learn, I learned in 7th grade.

elizabeth said...

Why didn't I learn how to say that? Why? I can point at nearly every inanimate object and name it - but I can't say monkey. *kicks ground*

A Day in the Life of the Boon's said...

Kyle and I are still laughing our heads off on this one. I am so glad I am best friends with someone who does the same crazy things as me!!

sprinkle4 said...

Now THAT was funny......that was TRULY funny.

Slyde said...

now THAT was damn priceless!

elizabeth said...

I'm still crying to hard to laugh. *kidding*

elizabeth said...

(sort of...)