Thursday, May 29, 2008

The lovely Paige has given me an award! Tada!

Ookami Snow has also bestowed an honor upon my blogdom;

I'm a happy girl!

I am so grateful that you guys come to hear my general ramblings. To my blog family - BIG HUGS!!
Today was fun; I have the Kat's kittens. Yes, I still speak to her even though she has abandoned us in blogland. It happens... we've sadly lost some good ones; Kat, Badge, Greenfish and Moxy. Sigh. But the rest of us are here - hopefully for the long haul. And now we can bitch about them since they can't hear us anyway ;o)
So, I've packed and repacked so many times that I can't even remember what I've decided to keep in there... but I moved the suitcase to the door - ready to go. I remembered sunscreen, a bathing suit, pepto and Tylenol so - all is good.
Tomorrow is the last day that I have to get through (for a while) without my Spartan. JOY. Tomorrow should zip by. What with the kittens and then - I have to pick up my parents at the airport back from their latest adventuring. I won't get home until midnight, not so bad as that should allow me to sleep in a tad. I may even manage one last trip to the gym to get bikini ready. Then Saturday I will tidy up the house one last time, get dressed and head back to the airport to await his arrival. I am really looking forward to seeing him. I've missed him a lot. (Have I mentioned how wonderful he is?)
Oh yeah, and after all of those sit ups - pain. Breathing hurts. Awesome. That means it's working...
Side note - Right now, Babs is sitting beside me eating green beans. You would think I was forcing her to eat bat droppings from the look on her face.


B.E. Earl said...

You have Kat's kittens?

I thought she was in the witness protection program!

Sadly, I just deleted her and badger from my blog-roll. ;(

Seraphine said...

Green beans seem rather plain to me. There's not really much you can do with them, maybe some butter, some salt, some pepper. I can't think of a more boring vegetable.
I like peas. You can mash them, or roll them around your plate. My favorite way to eat them is to mix them with mashed potatoes. They might look like bat droppings, but they aren't.
I hate pepto dismal. yuk.

Jon said...

Green beans suck.

Big time.

elizabeth said...

Earl - *teary eyes* She's still alive, but despite all of my begging she seems to have left the land of blogging.... boo

seraphine - I used to hide peas in my parents potted plants.... but that was last year. I've matured some since then. LOL.

jon - not as bad a brussel sprouts...