Tuesday, May 13, 2008

(My son told me he caught a praying mantis in his sister's room. He put it in his bug catcher. I am sooooooo not joking OR looking. )

So anyhoo - the other day a kid in our neigbourhood went missing. He is three. He had been gone for several hours before his mum noticed. I presume she thought he was sleeping. Anyways - instantly the entire block emerges from their homes and starts searching. I ran directly towards the train track a few blocks up. About an hour later - the police call them and tell them he has been picked up. They bring him on home and he is reunited with Mummy who is hysterical at this point.

My questions are several. How the hell does your kid go missing for 3 or 4 hours and you don't notice? How'd he get out? Don't you keep them locked in the attic like I do? (kidding)

Dunno. Suppose it could happen to anyone. But then again. NO. Maybe not.

They are a tad wee tiny bit strange this family. Their older kids are on the street all day until long after dark. Like 11:00 P.M. They are all of 7 and 9. They are reportedly "home schooled". They have these massive bible studies once a week but otherwise you never see the adults. Just the kids. It seems a bit eeeerie to me. Maybe the kid was trying to escape?

He could come live here... I do need someone, seeing as the dishwasher is broken... muah hahahaha.

P.S. Is this cheating? (yes. I think it is. Hmm. Ho hum.)

I need you guys to vote for me... I'm a big loser...

(When you get there scroll down a couple of posts...and tada. Vote - ME since Earl has way too many friends... I'm just little miss "last one picked for red rover". Don't let me end up that way. I beg of you... puhleeeeeeeze.)

Earl - just for you; a link directly to the actual post... :o)


B.E. Earl said...

It's obvious that I should win since I figured out how to link to the exact post and not just the blog in general.

Princess. ;)

Tamara said...

How do you let your three-year old out of sight for four hours?! If he was 13, maybe, but three?!

Böbø said...

I voted for you, but when I tried voting again, it would let me. How unfair is that?

As for the kid's family: home schooling and bible study would seem to be the key clues.

I know I'm only a new step-dad, but when they're with me they are never off my radar.

elizabeth said...

Earl - yes darling but I thought the readers might like to enjoy the rest of his blog. *grins*

tamara - exactly.

bobo - thanks for the vote! Good on ya that they are never far off the radar! That's probably lesson one of parenting wouldn't you agree; know where they are.

Callie said...

I voted for you days ago!

I could almost understand if she thought he was sleeping. My oldest would be dead to the world for hours on end. However, I would check on her. Make sure she was still breathing, etc.

And there is no reason for kids that young to be out once the sun goes down.

Glad the kid was found. And good luck with the votes!

B.E. Earl said...

Thanks for the update.

How's the praying/preying mantis doing? ;)

Kat said...


Slyde said...

AHHH! you scared me.

anyone who lets their 3 year old be somewhere where they are not for 3 hours at a clip is an idiot.

My son is 5 and i still wouldnt do that...

Anonymous said...

I am struck by the phrase, "I ran towards the train track." Instantly I am transported into a cartoon scene where the wee kiddie is tied to the tracks with an express train fast approaching. Happily Auntie Elizabeth is there to save the day.


And yes, weeeeeeeiiiird family lol.