Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Marzipan babies

So, I was driving home and my mind started a wandering. It wandered all around and ended up recalling a very curious email featuring pictures of marzipan babies. (You may have even seen this) This piqued my curiousity at the time and I was amazed and repulsed all at once - amazing craftsmanship, but at the same time I was disquieted at the thought of eating them. Then I got thinking deeper and came to the thought.... what would a chimpanzee do with these. I more or less came to the conclusion that it would have thought "that's interesting, these bits of marzipan look like little humans.... and are so delicious" (or something to that effect). They would, in other words, eat them up with very little hesitation since the bottom line is that these are yummy little almond flavored snacks. So - who is more evolved here?
Then my idle mind took me so far as this - if I had no choice but to eat them - what would I eat first. Well, initially I thought that I would start with the feet but then I don't think I could have dealt with that cute little face watching me do it so... I think I'd eat the head first. But ONLY if I had no choice here people. And whilst I was doing it I would feel I was commiting a vicarious form of cannibalism.

Then I did a little more research into this and found out that none of this mattered anyways since these were made out of silicone.

I'll be back to waste more of your time tomorrow...

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Carrie said...

This confirms what I've been thinking of you this whole time... you're definately a wierdo!