Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thank gawd it's over...

I am alive but stuffed full of every tantalizing tidbit of food that was mass produced every where I went over the holidays. This is the season for overindulgence though. I certainly passed that requirement with flying colors. My punishment for having eaten much and slept little is - the really icky cold/flu I have started suffering today. By this time tomorrow I will be a lump of useless, sneezing, runny eyed mess (but at least I might lose that pound of cookies and gravy I gained on the weekend.)(Thought I should point out that those were eaten separately because, as much as I look forward to those xmas goodies I haven't stooped quite that low....yet. Although it has been rumored that there are several members of my family - that shall go unnamed - that would definitely dip their cookies into the gravy...Hi Mom)
As for loot - I finally scored a RCA Lyra (ipod-like) so I will be able to listen to Africa (Toto) on repeat at the gym after the holidays. This should improve my elliptical staying power somewhat. I also got the coolest down filled vest ya ever did see. A cool watch, some Burberry perfume, some diamonds and a nice pair of woolen socks.
Strangest gift - that would have to be the last Harry Potter book that I bought the day it came out and then lent to my father.... he gave it to me for Christmas. That was weird. (But in his defense he lost my copy and then forgot I ever gave it to him.... and he also gave me many other nice we will overlook his momentary lapse in memory...maybe.).
The kids raked in every toy ever made and even some that I'm sure never should have been in the first place. They really had fun this year. It really makes the holiday special to see how excited they get about the whole thing.
Now on to planning New Years. Unloading the kids onto my Mom and Dad and dressing up 80's style. Still searching for that coveted blue mascara to complete the ensemble. (Mom - could I borrow your red eyebrow pen?) Will be hunting for some acid wash and shoulder pads in the coming days. Wish me luck. Pictures will follow. Cruel laughter and finger pointing is sure to follow that.

Cheers - I have to go stock up on cold and flu medicine and some chicken stock.

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