Thursday, December 15, 2005

What was that in my wine?

I had some drinks with friends a while back to celebrate the impending holiday. During the evening M* asked me why my lips were black and I thought he was just insulting my lipstick shade... or was just plain odd. Turns out my lips were indeed black. Not the whole of my mouth - as you might imagine (because that would just look silly) but only the very beginning of my mouth. It left me with a sort of black "o" expression. As though I was practicing to be a deranged geisha. I am not going to say I looked silly or anything but people kept looking at me and laughing. I thought that I must be particularly witty that evening or something. Turns out they all just suck. I actually continued on throughout the evening and never onced looked in the mirror until the next morning - whereupon I found myself with my little black circle for lips. I can't say I was at my most flattering. Seeing as I was a tad hungover and was sporting a most elegant bedheaded hairstlye at the time to top off the look. Then......
M* noticed that there was SOMETHING in the bottom of my wine bottle - whatever it was it was tar like and strangely.............. left a black residue behind. I just NEVER want to find out what it was. Truly disgusting.
Hope you all have a great day!


Kat said...

oh Lizzy, you need to drink more!
Or atleast more red wine (it's my drink of choice!!). So as an O-lipped expert, I'll tell you that what you had was wine lip. It happens to the best of us, especially when we're enjoying a red wine that's high in tannins-they're what make the wine thick and 'leggy'-oh and they give you black lip...and tongue if you're especially lucky!!!!!

elizabeth said...

Ah yes. Thanks for the enlightenment but, could you tell me what that was in the bottom of the bottle - it appeared to be decaying plant matter. (I'm hoping this was a plant and that the "leggy" description doesn't come from some kind of 4 legged beasty. Blah.)

elizabeth said...
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Kat said...

it's the residue from the wine...kind of like when your vinegar has stuff floating in it.
Not totally sure why so much...maybe it was a little old? or the last bottle filled out of a barrel not filtered to well?? I wouldn't worry to much...I've seen it before.
ps...what's with the deleted comment???

elizabeth said...

Well I have finally heaved a sigh relief (through my little black lips). Now I can rest easy. But I still looked like an ass. Too bad red wine doesn't come in mirrored bottles! (AHHH - another million dollar idea - now you will all know what I am doing if I don't blog for a few days....)LOL Have a good weekend.