Friday, January 20, 2006

Further to the big bugs blog (camel spiders)...

Hey yall.

Remember that Blog about big bugs? And if that isn't bad enough - last week I opened a carton of milk and a spider came flying out onto my hand (I really don't know how I just know it actually happened. The universe is toying with me?) Needless to say the spider got really dead lightening fast and I am still trying to clean the milk off the ceiling. I actually had a hard time sleeping that night and took me about 30 minutes to slow my heart and stop spazzing out. (To clarify, 'spazzing out' for me is made up of this contortionist inspired dance with a little shiver and my arms sweeping off imaginary bugs from all over my entire body. To the untrained eye this might have appeared to have been some twisted version of some tribal rain dance or Well, if I thought that was bad I could have had to have seen this in real life... I know I would not have had the presence of mind to have been able to video tape.

It is just wrong that these exist. And I don't think it's fair that people need to live near them. They can actually move at up to 10 MPH. (That's pretty fast for a bug - or arachnid or whatever). I did however learn (from my extensive research) that they actually don't eat people and will only bite a person by accident (phew). They would much rather eat lizards (see above) birds and mice. I still fear them like nothing on earth. If I had to sleep anywhere near them I would surround my self with mice, birds and lizards and fasten myself securely into a bubble suspended from the ceiling - and there will be no milk allowed in that bubble. .. or grapes (but that's another story...)



Kat said...

That is so wrong
and so horrifying
and I can't believe someone
could hold a camera long enough
or still enough
to even capture that.
So wrong.
Can I borrow your brother's machete?

elizabeth said...

No, I sleep with it in my milk-free bubble.