Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I want my MTV...

Well, Happy New Year to all.
I hope you all had a great time ringing in 2006, but I'm gonna bet you didn't look as cool as we did. I know you all dig the side pony tail and wish you too could exact this look with such pizzaz. Cooler still, Denise and Ian could do an album cover. If the 80's came back and I could choose a look - it would be a cross between Dee's outfit and my own. This would be the ultimate in coolness. (And I would only date men who wore cowboy boots on the outside of their pants - because this clearly sends a message... I'm still working on what that message is exactly...but I really thought this look did something for Ian.) I am waiting for Dee to email me the pictures of the stay puffed marshmallow fellow and friends (ghostbusters -) since they seriously deserve a metal for their costumes. Thanks to Mar for bestowing the jelly bracelets on the gang. You will never know just how cool I felt or how much I will treasure these always.

I hope everyone survived the morning after (ahem....Ian) and didn't need stitches after all (who knew break dancing could inflict such pain or that men wearing cowboy hats could breakdance in the first place...)

So in the end I decided we should make this a tradition. Except next year I get to pick the music - and everyone needs to learn the African Ant Eater Ritual before the party. (Didn't anyone watch movies in the 80's???!!! I mean - really people - everyone should know this dance. You've no excuse. Mar's husband tried to make me feel better by uttering something about that looking familiar but I think they all thought I'd had one too many Wildberry coolers...or that my side pony was a wee bit too tight)

Well anyhoo, now that I have humiliated myself and some of my dearest friends I should go and try to wash the lipstick off my eyelids - any suggestions on how to best accomplish this?

Love to all and Happy 2006.


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