Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Poem For My Daughter

I'm sort of cheesy. I wrote this for Smooshkin's scrapbook - and thought I'd share so you can all make fun of
Little Angel

Little angel is sleeping away,
Playing is hard to do all day!
Running, laughing, hide and seek,
Under the bed - why you little sneak!

Kisses and hugs for you all day long,
And in my heart there is always a song.
You delight me and fill my days with sunshine -
Precious precocious daughter of mine.

Sleep now and dream of wonders and fun,
More playing and laughing when sleeping is done.
More hugs and kisses and games to play
Until the day when I hear you say;

I’m big and I’m grown and to school I go,
To learn all the things that I’ll need to know.
No time for kisses or hugs and baby toys!
I’m grown now and have to give up those joys -

But still when my angel is sleeping at night -
When kisses are easy to give without fight-
I’ll cover her from her big girl head to her toes-
And tell her I love her so her heart always knows.

For no matter how big she grows or how tall,
I’ll always remember how she started out small -
First a wish that I made with my heart -
Then my dreams came true and so hers start…

Dream big and dream wide and they might come true -
Look at me - I got my wish when I got you.
Travel the world and when you are done -
Come home to your Mom and tell of your fun!
(- I’ll be hiding under the bed ! XOX)


elizabeth said...

I was drunk when I posted this.

Anonymous said...

That was really good.