Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Like Butter - or Like Butter Gone Bad? It's All About TV Today.

A few things to discuss;

The Bachelor.
Oh yes, he is beautiful creature. Intelligent, tall and well built, educated and kind. (If only I knew such a being existed I'm sure it would have altered the course of my life exponentially. LOL) But seriously - it is very easy to watch him without his shirt on for one hour every week - it would be better if his shirt was off for the whole hour but - I digress. My concerns about this show lean more towards the selection process of the "harum" they have chosen for this god like man.
The first I would discuss is the female doctor whose "eggs are rotting" (Her phrase). This was wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin. She actually told him her purpose in this was to procreate. Who does this upon first meeting a potential mate? A gorilla, a salmon maybe, but not a normal human. My conclusion about her - just not normal. Far far from it. And then when he didn't select her to receive a rose she attacked him wanting to know what was wrong with her - boobs too small, too short not attractive? She should go crawl into a hole somewhere and stay there for a really long time. If her eggs are rotting she might want to visit something known as a sperm clinic and leave it at that since finding someone to actually mate with her is a long shot - even more so since the show. (Are they sure she's not a patient from a mental hospital?)
Next is the red head - who at first glance appears to be lovely but she's really just a shit disturber and she is always really drunk (seriously- watch her she is - she's drunk. All the time.).
The last up for discussion today - I would like to defend the poor girl who put the orange peel in her mouth. She wrote him poems and it really was cheesy -but she was also well meaning and very sweet. Too sweet maybe. Not his type but the editing crew did their damdest to make her look like a nutcase. I felt sorry for her - and not just because I've acted like that on dates. Ahem.

Next topic- Surface - are you friggin serious people? Ya just went off the deep end. You had potential, you really did. But then you had to go and do that little girl/Ape thing "have you seen my Mommy" now let me attack and ravage you because I'm really a beast. The eyerolling was ongoing and ridiculous throughout this episode. I actually needed to massage my eyes afterwards and got dizzy. You've disapointed me. I can't say for sure if I'll tune in next week. I'm thinking no. But my exciting life may dictate otherwise 6 days from now.

And - WHERE THE HELL DID INVASION GO? (While I'm at it, does anyone know when the next Survivor starts?)

I need to get a life.
I have to go watch Oprah now. (kidding) No, I'm not actually.

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