Thursday, January 12, 2006

The gym Is a Wonderful Place

The fat bald guy was back but... today I managed to work out behind a post for most of my workout. Funnier still was this 18 year old girl who would only work out in front of a mirror and would crank her neck on extreme angles to give herself the eye. She actually went to such extremes that (I kid you not) on the one where you jump up on your knees and pull yourself up with your arms - you know - anyways she fell of it trying to dig herself around some other equipment. And - in case any of you DON'T KNOW - when you laugh or speak with an ipod on - IT'S LOUDER. And so, I started everyone in the gym who had already noticed little Miss "dontchawishyagirlfriendwashotlikeme" laughing too. It was pretty funny that she was to busy ensuring that her belly ring was unscathed to notice that the laughter was at her expense. I know that sounds terribly bitchy but it really was too funny. Hope she's there next week - I managed two extra minutes on the elliptical watching the show.

See you.


Kat said...

...the sad part is
that poor girl
could well have been us
at her age...
well maybe younger
but us none the less.
beauty and lack of weight
is so wasted on the young.

elizabeth said...

No kidding!