Monday, December 10, 2007

7 DAYS... and a few hours.....

I'm starting to spaz out at regular intervals. I am getting really hyper - filled to the brim with excitement at the fast approach of Christmas number one.

That right beotches - I get to do it twice. And Santa is cool with that.... (I have an "in" cuz we're related). Huzzah.

So anyways - I have packed. Which some of you non-xmasy types might think is a little "early". But as previously mentioned I'M EXCITED. I will probably pack and repack about 6 times between now and then...

Part of the reason I am speeding things up is that I have agreed to take on the offspring of de Kat for a sleepover at the end of the week. This is going to be quite a bit of fun. It also appears that the wee-est of them is getting ready to be walking just in time. *Joy*. I'm sure the older kids will have great fun - I am going to invite them to repaint the basement floor to keep them busy. How do you suppose 4 and 6 year olds are at taping drywall?

Oh! And I bought the cutest little Charlie Brown tree! It cost the same as the other - more "perfect" trees. But I knew that if I didn't take it, it would be all alone in the parking lot for Christmas feeling very alone. :-( And it looked like a very friendly tree so I decided to bring it on home. Later this evening it will be adorned entirely with kid made ornaments. Should be spectacularly tacky. Pics to follow.

After Christmas it will be burnt to the ground with all the decorations still intact. Poor little tree. (Might have been better off in the tree lot...)


Melanie said...

I think the Charlie Brown tree is all we poor folk in my house can afford. The kid will be happy with whatever, but I sure was hoping for a big tree this year!

Have a wonderful holiday. Its never to early to be ready to travel.. as in grab your case and go!

elizabeth said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday too!

KaB said...

how funny are you?!? You had me giggling while sneakily avoiding work!

What you so excited for, or better, where you going re: your packing?!?

Shall be back for more :)

elizabeth said...

kab - welcome! Best thing to do when sneakily avoiding work is to come here... and to giggle.

I am getting ready to visit Spartan *love of my life*. We are having an early Christmas at my "other" home. Several miles away. He's worth every bit of jetlag. ;-)