Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Last night, I spent two hours outside helping neighbours get unstuck on the street. Then I cleaned off the cars and debated shovelling. I decided I would wait for the rest of the snow to fall. This morning I spent several hours shovelling and watching the rest of the neighbours get stuck on the street, wishing I had shovelled some of the snow last night. LOL.

Evidently there is no available plough for our street... I have debated tying snow shovels to the front of my car and driving up and down the street. Though, I'm not entirely sure that it would work so I have resigned myself to waiting for the snowplow to come. If it doesn't come in time for tomorrow - I will be tunnelling my way to the airport. Nothing will stop me from getting there. Though I am kind of wishing I had those snowshoes.

Sadly, this riveting post will be the last for a week or so. Stop your tears! I will return... I am dedicated to my blog dear blog readers.

And now I will show you what the chitlins wrote to Santa....

Dear Santa,
I want a new lego game. I would like a cool pirate boat. I would like craft stuff. Some new play dough would be nice. A new shovel and one more thing; the coolest action figure in the world.
Thank you Santa, for all of my wonderful gifts.
PS I want Christmas everyday.

Dear Santa,
Maybe I want a video game. A princess one. I would like a doll. I want that Polly Pocket jet and Nanna's bed. I want a dinosaur. I like craft stuff too. I will share the dinosaur with my brother. I also want a skeleton boat.
I want to wish you a happy birthday; I think it's on Thursday.
Love you.

Man, I love kids.


Kat said...

So I guess you can't lend me a pair of arms then...cause mine are broken from shoveling.

John said...

Ha kids are indeed cool. Although I was a little disturbed by that picture of one of your children, cruelly being forced outside to shovel the snow from under your car :p

Ha, I wonder if your neighbour knew he was being watched?

Slyde said...

hmmmm, i think i want a dinosaur too....

A Day in the Life of the Boon's said...

Ah, the purdy snow, I miss snow. I am quite jealous. I have to drive for hours into the mountains to enjoy it.

ps. When is Santa's birthday?

B.E. Earl said...

Snow sucks, and we have only had about an inch or so thus far.


KaB said...

Oh they really still believe in Santa?!? Is so...hat off to you...I love the fact that kids still believe in stuff like that...

I've never been in like a tad bit of sludge but it melted too quick...we're all about heat here & rain slash wind in!

i am the diva said...

i think it's on thursday??? how adorable is that??

Enjoy your trip, Happy Festivus!!

kaylee said...


glad i aint shoveling :)