Friday, February 01, 2008

My printer broke. It's only a year old. My other (also only one year old printer) broke and I had to replace it. A fluke, thought I. HP is a good name. Right? WRONG. Piece of crap. Going to take it back to Best Buy and throw it at them. Hard.

In other news... took my car for an oil change. Also needs an air filter... oh and the transmission service whatamacallit was due 10,000 km ago. Whatever. Do the filter. Transmission will have to wait because despite the fact that it gives them energy to be loud- I still need to feed the children. OOOOHHH but - stop the presses - I got a free puzzle for my troubles. Well that's just freakin wonderful. Makes it alllll better. Notsomuch. It annoyed me further.

I'm extremely pissed off right now. GRRRR. So tonight I drink. Or maybe not - BECAUSE A HUGE SNOWSTORM MEANS THAT I HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE. (aka - ex isn't taking munchkins so I need to make sure that the house doesn't burn down and I'm passed out on the couch)

ALSO - much loathed leg workout from the other day has left me nearly unable to walk and - despite that - ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes only to return to the changeroom to find someone had puked EVERYWHERE. So there I am - breathing hard from running - and having to try to hold my breath so as not to perpetuate the problem.

I hate today. I'm sending it back.


John said...

HP is the twats, my first computer was made by them and the problems I had...

What kind of sicko pukes up in a public changing room (see what I did there?)?

Most know me as John, but you can call me The Comedy Cat.

Anonymous said...

Wait. That's an option? We can send back WHOLE DAYS? Can this be done retroactively? Cause boy do I have a list of days I would like to return for a full refund!

Go you for working out despite what sounds to me like a great excuse!!!

Hope everything gets better~ and quick.

elizabeth said...

John - *rolls eyes* verra clevah

yummysushipjs - I've been trying to send today back but so far no luck. That won't stop me from trying though. And while I'm at it taking back Nov 4, 2001. Cause that day... that was an awful terrible vile putrid day (but the buffet kicked ass)

I hope things get better quick too!! ;-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

LOL I am sorry that happened!! :(

Kat said...

I had an HP. once. never again.

And there is too much barf going around lately. I should be a little green machine sales person. Fuck it. I'm going to buy the company.

B.E. Earl said...

Phew...good thing it's tomorrow already.


elizabeth said...

kaylee - thanks hon!

Kat - yeah. lesson learned.

earl - yup. ;-D