Saturday, March 01, 2008

32 years to get here...

Today marks a journey that took me exactly 32 years. That journey led me through all kinds of ups and downs and over and outs and - was certainly fraught with it's share of mistakes and difficulties, tragedies and triumphs.

But I love where it brought me and I wouldn't change it for the world - because where I am right now is my favorite place.

Today, I sit here and my cup is overflowing. I was out for dinner last night with my darling Spartan and some very dear friends. Ever have those moments - right in the middle of laughing and talking when you step back and realize that your heart is so truly very happy? That you're so glad you get to be exactly where you are? I am so grateful for the gifts in my life. So much so that it brings tears to my eyes.

THANK HEAVENS for such good friends (kat she's a kitty kat), laughter, yummy pasta and scrumptious wine.... and also for snuggles (yes you Spartan).


Wonder what the next year of the adventure will bring?


sprinkle4 said...

And a very Happy Birthday to ya!!!! Hope your cup overflows so much you have to drink from the saucer!

Kat said...

Hey baby! Sorry I missed you yesterday :o( Very busy day and my mom didn't tell me you called. I'll call you and we'll make a plan so I can give you your present.


Böbø said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Enjoy the love, the happiness, and the sense of rightness of it all. You're clearly having the best of times.

elizabeth said...

sprinkle4 - love that idea!

kat - no worries! Dinner was fun! I'll be by later to pick up my loot - LOL. Want a coffee?

bobo - thanks so much.

What nice blog friends!!!


B.E. Earl said...

Happy day of birth!!!

Um, or yesterday to be precise.

Hope it was a great one, and I'm sure it was.

Lane said...

Happy Birthday!

Sounds like you've reached a really good 'place'. Enjoy:-)