Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wow. From that to this... several feet of the white stuff. At least the sun is shining today. What an adventure. It still feels like a dream.

Poor Spartan is still in shock. I am still in shock that I actually managed to pull it off - I did of course, have the help of a few people -some his friends and some of mine. Without them it would have been impossible.
I missed him the second I drove away. I think I always leave a little bit of my heart with him.

Things I've learned about some different cities...

Toronto - When people "check people out" it looks like a business deal; they look at the person the same way they would look at a car they were considering buying. Vancouver is the same way but the people kind of appear to be happier for the most part.

Buffalo - No one looks at anyone. Seriously. How they procreate - I dunno.

Montreal - They kind of make you feel dirty with just their eyes; like you need a shower. They are a little more open in voicing and showing their admiration.

Ottawa - There really aren't any people there... that still creeps me out.

Miami - People spend all of their time looking at themselves. It's actually pretty funny.

LA - The women spend more time looking at other women. Even if they don't appear to be outwardly attracted to that particular sex. Also - A LOT of people there wear PUMA shoes - seriously - like a large percentage of the population. OOH - also, LAX is the most confusing airport in the universe. I thought Toronto was bad - it really isn't. LAX has 7,000 terminals and they make you stand in line ups that don't really appear to have any purpose. But at least they have palm trees and Wolfgang Puck pizza. Yum.


Jahooni said...

what the heck are PUMA shoes?
yes, LAX is a freakin ZOO!
How long were you here and why? I would rather be in the snow! ;)~

elizabeth said...

jahooni - I surprised my guy. It was fun. I flew in on Friday and out on Monday. Consequently I am feeling rather sluggish today. ;-)

Kat said...

And people in London try to pick you up even when you are with your parents. Doesn't make Dad very happy.

Slyde said...

try flying into JFK or Laguardia sometimes if you want to have a REAL fun time....

Anonymous said...

Awww, you leave a little bit of your heart whenever you say goodbye to spartan. That is really sweet.

I hope you are feeling less sluggish today.


B.E. Earl said...

Wolgang Puck pizza? C'mon! Nothing compares to a Noo Yawk slice.

elizabeth said...

Kat - Now THAT is funny. I could just see his face. LMAO.

Slyde - I think that New York might eat me alive. Buffalo doesn't really count. ;-)

hullaballoo - I am feeling rather chipper today. {{{hugs}}}

earl - Well maybe you could send me one - ;-) Or maybe one of these days I'll make it there - catch a show and a slice of za. I thought you guys were known for hot dogs though? (not that I eat hot dogs *shiver*)

Melanie said...

LA! and you didn't call me!!! (giggles, yea right!) I am only two hours north of there. Don't you love Southern Cali once you get out of the airport?

how much FUN for both of you. :kiss:

elizabeth said...

Melanie - Once you're out of the airport it's lovely. Lucky you that you're so close ;-)