Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well.... it was number 1.

As I type this I am sitting looking outside at a number of palm trees and am perspiring ever so slightly because.... I am in LA. LOL. (Funny thing you should mention sunny California Jahooni....)

Spartan got the surprise of a lifetime when he stepped out of the elevator and I was standing there - he is in LA on business and had a couple of days off - well poor Spartan! Can't leave him all alone now can I? So I did what any good girlfriend would do - I flew across the country and TADA!! His chin hit the floor and it took him several minutes to regain the ability to speak.

We went out last night and Spartan got me absolutely wrecked after feeding me margaritas. It was delightful. He is delightful. I would follow him to the moon...


John said...

Now that is sweet :)

B.E. Earl said...

Poor guy can't even get away from you for a weekend, eh? ;)

Böbø said...

Oh well now, that sooooo cheating. Had you mentioned that Spartan was in LA then obviously that would of bumped up No.1 to the top of the list!

It's so lovely when girlfriend and stalker combine in a good way!

Slyde said...

when you said "it was number 1", i was afraid that you had peed your pants..

Kat said...

good thing she didn't say number 2 then eh slyde?

Did he get the cookie? I know how that sounds, but you know what I really mean ;o)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww, that's so romantic. You are fantastic together.

I hope you have the best time.


elizabeth said...

John - It was ;-)

Earl - why on earth would he want to silly?

bobo - you do have a good point there, lol.

slyde - LOL! No - not this time.

kat - yeah - lol. I'll fill you in later!

hullaballoo - it was fantastic! I love being with him - anywhere ;-)

sprinkle4 said... Ain't it grand? And I will be making my husband read this post whilst smacking him upside the back of the head and saying "See?!? This is the kind of thing that you should do!":)

elizabeth said...

sprinkle - wonder if he will - keep me "posted" - blogger humour. LOL.

Jahooni said...

ahhhyyyy that is precious! but you should have emailed me, we could have gone to the spa. Next time.

elizabeth said...

hey. yeah. I totally could have too. Spartan had to work for a few hours and I had nuttin to do. That would have been fun.