Thursday, March 06, 2008

That is it.
I have had it.
I am leaving.
50 cm of snow. Beginning tomorrow.
If I go missing it is for one of three reasons;
1. I have made true on my threat - and run away, FAR AWAY and where I am going may not have a computer readily available or even if I did I wouldn't care because I'd be busy sipping a Mohito on a beach,
2. I am refusing to get out of bed and will happily eat cereal for the next three days and not lift the snow shovel - not even once to say I tried...or,
3. I may have stupidly decided to try to shovel and am somewhere stuck under a mountain of evil white snow and can't get out. Not to worry - I will place a bottle of tequila in one pocket and some margarita mix in the other before I venture out... that evil snow should be used for something after all - I will drink myself free...
I am so not kidding. Pick one. Place your bets. I'll be back someday to let you guys know who has won. Kat isn't allowed to guess because she already knows which one I'm leaning toward-- ;-P (Kat? You have any lime at your house? What about salt?)


sprinkle4 said...

Well, once I did the conversion and figured out how many inches 50 cm is (okay, I'm not a math whiz) I pick number 2, with one addition:

Stay in bed, eat cereal, and drink the tequila! That way you'll never even notice that 3 days have passed.:)

Jahooni said...

i live in sunny california... i am no help, am I? ;)~

Böbø said...

The trees are in early blossom in England (bully for me). I can see how Plan 1 would be the optimum solution, but you'd have to dig your way out of the snow first and you might miss the arrival of spring.

Plan 2 seems superficially attractive, but I'm guessing you'd soon suffer from a lack of party time.

So I'll plump for Plan 3, drink your way to freedom!

Slyde said...

i am praying our snow days for the year are done...

Anonymous said...

ummmm i haope none lOL