Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Christmas Part Deux

Cute soap,huh? When you use it up - there's a skeleton inside! That's so creepy. Love it.
Twister bed. Yeah, I went there.
If I'm going to golf, I'm only do it with this golf ball. I want, like 20 of these. How annoying is that?


Slyde said...

wow! i like the Twister bed... as soon as you get it, let me know when you want me to fly up and try it out with you....

Kat said...

HA! That bed is hilarious!

O' Tim said...

Twister bed. Yeah, I went there.

Indeed - the ole' Right Foot Red/Left Foot Green routine. Works every time.

BTW, elizabeth, your cafepress store was crackin' us up at the office yesterday. You are now OFFICIALLY funny!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Okay, I too want the twister bed/sheets- -it is just an open invitation for hanky panky - plus if you are single, a great way to impress a date: "Hey want to see my twister bed..."

Cap'n Dyke said...

I want one o'each! NOW!

Oh, look! It's me Assassin. She was sixth, ye know...

B.E. Earl said...

I heard that Tiger Woods uses a giggling golf ball.

That's why everyone else in the PGA wants to stomp his silly guts out!

elizabeth said...

Slyde - For shame. For shame.

Kat - I am getting you one.

O'Tim - I'M OFFICIALLY FUNNY?? That's awesome. (feel free to order some items - because that's how much of a dork I am. Everyone needs a mug - you know, in the name of office uniformity and all that.

Beth - OOOh, great idea!

Captn - Ahoy! She rocks.

Earl - You don't say? Do you think people might not find this amusing? That would make a great bloopers show - going to the putting green with a bucket of laughing balls. I seriously want to do this.

Stef said...

"Slyde - For shame. For shame."
I don't think he wanted to do it for shame... ;-)

The Twister bed does indeed rock though, you've all gotta want one, right?

I tell you though, stop using the C-word Elizabeth. Bad girl! It's not even October yet.