Sunday, September 24, 2006

Man dancing

Now... why didnt I think of that?


O' Tim said...

My God, is that Bez?

He definitely looked like he'd shed a few pounds by New York. And that Ugandan forest looked like a kudzu patch in Georgia. Sweet!

Steven Novak said...

Man...that dude's got all the rhythm of a pasty white guy. ;)


B.E. Earl said...

That was weirdly awesome!

My two favorites were the ones in Bangkok (with the Thai bar girls all around him) and the one in Kenya with the giraffe stomping around.

By the way, wasn't Tsavo in Kenya the location of the mass murder of the the bridge workers by two lions depicted in the film "The Ghost and the Darkness"?

PS - I've danced in that very spot in NYC, but I was really drunk and there were no cameras on me...I hope.

Elohelae said...

Yeah im with Steve, that guy had my rhythm

elizabeth said...

O'Tim - Who's Bez?

Steven - Ya hmm.

Earl - I wish I could have seen that. (I'd have brought my camera...)

Eloh - (I was going to say something...ah hell I'll say it anyways) A guy with five kids has got to have more rhythm than that! (SHUT UP PEOPLE YOU WERE THINKING IT TOO)

I love that this guy takes this really normal thing and makes it EXTRAordinary. I thought that was one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

Kat said...

I wish I travelled enough to even attempt to make a video like that.

Stef said...

That is one well travelled freaky dancer!

Bez was a member of Happy Mondays who were one of the best British bands of their generation.

There were six of them in the band but all Bez did was take lots and lots of drugs and dance and maybe play the maracas. Superb!

O' Tim said...

TY, stef. Yes, I heart Happy Mondays, and that guy's dancing reminded me bit of Bez.

Gordy said...

He must be bloody fit dancing on the top of Kilimanjaro

Dan said...

Amazing! This must have been one expensive-ass video!

Not sure about that impenetrable Ugandan forest, though ... that looked a lot like my backyard. And I did see some nut back there last month (I hid under my bed).

I'm bookmarking this blog -- too many cool things to ignore.

elizabeth said...

Thanks! Bookmark away...(order a mug too - that way if you are ever drunk you can have your coffee in it and remember where you were going)

elizabeth said...

Gordy - same thought crossed my mind.