Monday, September 24, 2007

I am still recovering from the weekend and the lack of sleep suffered because of it. Worth every sleepy minute of it. What a blast!

There were about 8 of us in total. We took Kathleen to Yuk Yuk's and filled her full of rye and coke and shooters. The comedians roasted her. Our dear Amy fell off of her chair five minutes after we got there. Being the supportive friends we all are, of course, we reacted by immediately rushing to her aide... okay actually we all just pointed and laughed. Then she, thinking that the waitress (who was wearing a top that from behind looked similar to mine) was me- and she was feeling kind of feisty so - she reached out and grabbed my bottom... which of course wasn't my bottom. More laughing and pointing. Poor Amy. She hadn't even had a drink yet. Later in the night - after several drinks she show cased her talent of fitting a beer bottle (bottom) in her mouth. I've got to say - that kind of think attracts the WRONG KIND OF ATTENTION at a bar. But it was funny none the less. She also dumped her purse out and a lovely gentleman helped her pick up the contents - tampons and all - I think we should have to pay her to come out with us. She's hilarious.

The night progressed, we all drank a LOT - I'm sure Kat had over 20 drinks and was still almost standing at the end of the evening. We went on from Yuk Yuks to this cobble stoned villiage filled with bars and ended up at this fantastic dance type club. We lost each other several times. (The place was a bit like a maze). We were hit on by several extremely young men who didn't seem to understand why we found it so amusing. It eventually became annoying. I do recall my friend Carrie and I getting in this heated discussion with a guy from Irac (who I think was 20) about the fact that none of us were single and we were out at night without our men. He seemed to think this was quite a shocking thing to do - which of course made us laugh at him. I think we offended him. Shucks.

Other highlights include the bride accosting several police officers - getting put in cuffs** and then later on insulting the bike police by telling them that they had silly little yellow jackets and that really... bicycles weren't that intimidating. I smiled at them and told them she was going to be "just fine". Then very quickly escorted her to the car. Once we reached the parking lot several of the girls had to pee - so they did. IN the parking lot. Fantastic! Sadly - my battery died on my camera so there are no pics of that.
All in all this was one hell of a fun night with my girls. We all went to the various places we were sleeping that evening. I managed about 3 1/2 hours of sleep before I had to run into the office to
do some paperwork before the wedding rehearsal.

AT the wedding rehearsal, Kat's Grandfather being a Town Crier (sp?) rang his very loud bell and cried out his announcement. My head... It hurt. Serves us right.

And so we have arrived at the week of the wedding... 4 more days!

**The cop wasn't really putting her in cuffs, we just made him pretend to for pics... as soon as they are emailed to me I'll post them...


Slyde said...

That sounds like fun... i can't wait till Earl ties the knot so i can take him for a girls night out... Maybe we can braid each other's hair!

Kat said...

bahahahaha! I'm still laughing at the cops on the bikes...soo lucky that I wasn't thrown in the drunk tank!

And um slyde...or you could just take him out for a BATCHELOR party. Ya know, the kind that guys go to ;o)

elizabeth said...

Slyde - We can't wait till he ties the knot either - we fully expect an invite. lol.

Kat - I'm surprised you weren't thrown in the drunk tank either. Do you recall the post party loud volume recounting of the evening? The ride home? "fresh air" THAT WAS FUN. Love you man.

Melanie said...

poor young guys. so full of piss and vinegar, before their "long term" relationships wake them up.

sounds like a lot of fun!!! a wee bit jealous.


elizabeth said...

Melanie, no doubt.

It was fun. But boy did we pay for it... lol (I'd do it again though)