Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yes. A Facelift IS possible Without Surgery

Well folks, it is just short of two weeks until Kat's wedding. Today is the second Bridal Shower. (As I sit here I have managed to reverse aging with bobby pins alone. It is something to behold. Hope none of them go flying from my head at the speed of light and injure anyone at the party...)

Being very diligent - Kat and I finished all of her wedding favor cover pages last night, and though we consumed a huge amount of beer (and I am not a beer drinker) it appears we managed to match up the Misters and their respective wives correctly... though the haze of hangover could prove to provide an inaccurate accounting that we will not discover until the day of the nuptials themselves...

As for the wedding itself, I am looking so forward to this day! It is such a nice thing to see two of your friends get married - especially two who deserve happiness as much as these. They are so in love that after all of these years together, I still catch them glazing into eachothers eyes lovingly as though there was no other person on earth save them. When you are not in love with anyone and you see this, it gives you hope of what you may be lucky enough to find in this lifetime... and when you are in love, your heart is glad that your friends have found something so precious and wonderful. Either way it makes people around them happy.

(I am also looking forward to the drunken antics that will be sure to follow the dinner with all of my highschool friends. Not to worry bloggers - there will be plenty of pictures for all of you, I will make sure of it.)

Kat and Aaron;

"Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever." ~Unknown~

Here's to your forever together.


Kat said...

This just made me cry

Kat said...


i am the diva said...

Congratulations to your friends! May they have many years of happiness together!

elizabeth said...

They already have and I know that they will! Too bad you weren't around when kat had a blog.... them were the days.