Thursday, September 20, 2007

I went to the petting zoo with the kiddles today. Brought lots of pellets for the animals. Sang to the Donkey and the strange geese and almost caught a chicken....

While we were down by the pond feeding various water fowl I noticed something amiss. I saw the - once strange but after you've seen them a few times you get used to them - cross breed of a large white goose of some sort that fell desperately in love with a Canadian goose and they had these patch work quilt babies. (I think I posted about them last year) It's obvious that the gene pool really didn't know what the hell to do to match up. They are really odd looking and actually... totally lovable. They seem to have inherited all of the best manners from both parents. They are quite friendly. One even let me pet him and sing all of my Fair Lady. I named him HUGO. I'm sure Hugo wanted to come home with me. He followed me around for a good 20 minutes until his mother honked loudly enough that he returned to her. (I wonder if he speaks fluent white goose and Canada Goose?)

As I was a wandering further down the pond pathway I saw a duck that appeared to have a broken wing and stopped to inspect him closer. When he turned to swim in the opposite direction it appeared that both wings were broken. They kind of stuck straight up in the air. Then he flapped his wings. Odd. If they were broken that would have hurt. I turned my head sideways to see if it would change my opinion. Nope. Something totally odd here. Then the swan swam by... oh! I spot a resemblance between the back wings of the swan and our little friend duck. Also notice that this duck is larger than his ducky friends. (Who I now call a Swuck or a Duan. OR Duan Swan de Ducko... groan) Is this even scientifically feasible?! Further I go - now beginning to think these birds have been up to some dirty tricks - when I spot another misfit. This one clearly a Canada Goose but one who's wings for all appearances are upsidedown. I was not drinking for once. I think this last one was merely a birth defect. The others, however, appear to be the result of some very unusual romances amongst the fine feathered inhabitants of the pond. My clever handsome feller (who shall hence forth be known as "Spartan") made the clever suggestion that this sounded like the bird island of Dr. Moreau. *slaps knees in laughter*. I think he could be right. I am going to sneak back after dark and see what these birds get up to. Dirty birds.

OOOH and also, yesterday I found a missing key and today I found my passport and my birth certificate!! *JOY*


Anonymous said...

i was wondering through blogs and stumbled on yours. was here an hour reading archives before i knew it. good blog. nice you've been around this long. keep it up. it's a fun read.

elizabeth said...

Right on. Thanks. (don't mind the spelling - I didn't used to think anyone read it, LOL)