Sunday, September 30, 2007

Le Wedding of de Kat - she's a kitty cat... and she dance danced danced...

The stunning Bride!

Weddings are great fun. Everyone dressed up beautifully and in a nice place - together- friends and family. Kat and Aaron's wedding was incredible. The ceremony was touching, romantic and graced by an unexpected guest - a white dove circled above us during the ceremony -the ballroom was beautiful, the food fantastic, the music was loud and the booze was flowing freely.

We started out by meeting at the hair salon (of our friend's Mom- someone we've known all our lives) and being served a wonderful spread of fresh fruit and champagne & orange juice. Then it was on to the getting ready at Kat's parents house - a favorite hangout in highschool. It was like living a "10 years later" sequel to a really great movie in a way. I kept having flashbacks of us hanging out when we were teenagers and here I was lacing one of my best friends into her gorgeous gown. It was incredible.

Look at this dress! Init perty?

We jumped in the limo (special K in tow) and headed toward the place that the ceremony was being held - and I think we may have had a sip or two more champagne.... ?

My date. lol.

The Bride and Groom told the minister (secretly) what they loved most about the other and she included it in the ceremony... there wasn't a dry eye in sight.

The cake! Yum!!

She needed a birthday Sherpa. I carried her like this everywhere she went all night... kidding.


So many funny things happened, I'm not sure where to begin! Instead of clinking glasses - the MC decided that couples would get up and demonstrate what kind of kiss they wanted the bride and groom to emulate. That was a great idea but since - unfortunately - my would have been date was unable to be in town - so I had to borrow the MC's husband. (serves her right) LOL. It's okay -( 1. I asked her first. 2. I put my hand over his mouth before I kissed him - but actually kissed my own hand, lol. 3. It was the bride's little brother who I have known since he was 13. Actually that's kind of gross...ew Kat - I pretended to kiss your baby brother)All in all it was pretty funny - especially since he didn't know what we were up to. Then one couple demonstrated a kiss where the wife picked up the husband in her arms and kissed him - so Kat lovingly obliged and actually benched pressed her new husband. It was awesome.

Is this awesome or what?

Then the speeches were made, some made us cry and others made us laugh... some did both. It was really fun. Dinner was fantastic and the wine was really quite yummy. ;-).

Then came the dancing. It started out tame but five minutes later we were ripping up the floor acting like crazy people. There was some swing dancing, line dancing and some Elaine dancing...

Chair dancing. Reached speeds of up to 30 mph.

Now we eventually reached the point in the evening where the bouquet gets tossed so I very diligently take my place on the floor. The flowers started out beautifully - they were stunning. The girl in the picture (that I am carrying across the dance floor) did all of the flowers for the wedding and she did an incredible job - it was also her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). Anyhoo - flowers go up in the air and start sailing directly at me. I gently reach my arm up and catch them. Then 7 women pile on top of me. Instantly. Football style. I had a skinned knee - both are hideously bruised - a goose egg on my forehead and another bruise and a cut on my cheekbone. But don't think for a minute that it had any effect on me and my fun... nope. I - in a very dignified fashion- popped up from the middle of the throng of insane women with the bouquet firmly in my grasp. I believe I shouted, "It's good! I'm good. But I think someone should get me a drink now..." as the blood trickled down my cheek (just kidding there was very little But the bouquet... was only stems... all of the flowers were gone. ;-(. Sad indeed. But kind of funny when you think about it. Women are nuts!


The night progressed and much laughter and wine was had by all. It was and enchanting evening and I loved every minute of it (except the tackling - I could have done without that particular moment).

The next morning the Mother and Father of the Bride hosted a wedding brunch. I stayed the night of the wedding at Carrie from Ontario (birthday girl's house) and woke up with my makeup still on - perfectly *unexpected drunk benefit* and not a hair on my head was out of place. I went to my Dad's house (who took my bag with him from the wedding reception) only to find he had gone off to New York and forgot to leave my stuff. Soooo - I attended the wedding brunch in a sweater, a pair of Carrie's yoga pants and no shoes. I stepped in a steaming pile of dog.... on the way to the car in bare feet people - not enough bleach in the world. Niiiice. But at least my hair still looked good ;-)

Congratulations you guys! And again Aaron, welcome to the family of friends! And Kath, I think I'm still hungover. ;-)*muaw*


Kat said...

Thanks Lizzy! That was beautiful :o) I wish we were still there!

Raymond said...

We is the bride and we are the groom. Charley Pride is the master of ceremonies.

B.E. Earl said...

Very nice recap of Kat's special day.

PS - I'm drunk! Woooohoooooo!

badgerdaddy said...

Great pictures and a super post.

Only thing is, you tapped into one of my great fears at the end there, so my enduring memory of Kat's nuptials is that you stepped in dog shite in your bare feet.


Hell WV: mmcckdckm

elizabeth said...

Kat - me too! So sad it's over ;-(

Raymond - Das right.

Earl - it was so much fun! Drunk is good, weee.

Badge - yeah. you and me both, lmao.