Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OOOH - Look at that.... a bonus post...better than a drive by kelping...

Just had seriously good workout. Kind of workout that makes you wanna scream, "YEAH BABY! THAT'S WHAT WILLIS WAS TALKIN BOUT!" (yep, stole that). I ran (for a good 15 minutes - which for me is a lot since I am a neophyte runner), I ellipticaled (word?), I planked, I crunched. I AM Mrs. Spartan, or well on my way...also, I finally found someone who runs more like Frankenstein's monster than me!
While I was profusely sweating away (nice vision) on the elliptical, I was witness to the most incredibly ridiculous thing I have ever seen at the gym. This older man approached the treadmill. He had his stomach sucked in and his chest thrust out like he was trying to be the next Miss America. He got on the treadmill. At this point my eyebrow was raised in amusement but the fun had only just begun...
He started to run and he upped the speed very quickly. Too quickly. He was soon running for all he was worth - as though his very life depended on it (which at that point it kind of did). He was nearly off the end several times and seemed to be having a lot of difficulty getting up enough speed to slow the thing down. It was awesome. I was sooo torn between asking he needed help and wanting to see him biff. (It's so hard being me sometimes.)
Sadly, he waited to biff until he managed to catch up to the controls so when he shot off the end it wasn't fast enough to make him go down completely. It was still pretty funny. I actually think I clapped. I felt a rush of relief mixed with disappointment while this entire thing played out. The very nice thing was - by the time he was finished his display of superior athletic abilities my 30 min was up on the machine... and I had completed my lovely work out. Hoo aw and ickky ickky patang to me.
(Now, wouldn't a fun gag be to set all the treadmills to "super-lightening-fast" right out of the gate? Yes. I think so. Going to look into that immediately...)


B.E. Earl said...

Our cat jumped on the treadmill a few months ago and wouldn't get off. He's a big cat, 25lbs, so when he doesn't want to move...he don't move.

So we just turned the treadmill on and watched him get confused as he was shot six feet backwards.

Good times.

elizabeth said...

Awesome. I knew I liked you sick demented people for a reason.