Thursday, September 06, 2007

My life has daily comedic value that should be able to be bottled and sold on ebay.

Back to being the gym rat that I once was, I have been paying daily visits to the gym. Today I went EARLY in the morning and as such, I wasn't quite awake. I went about my usual routine but my normal stint on the elliptical turned into more of a challenge than usual; I ended up choking on my water and dropping my ipod twice. Then I decided that was enough of that. An elliptical requires more coordination than I could muster - especially in light of the fact that I had not yet had my large --- and very necessary - early morning COFFEE.

I moved onto the ab thingy - you know where you hold on and draw your knees up to your chest. This form of torture is delightful in the morning and thus far unparallelled in the work out world - unless you count the medicine ball walking lunges. Those can only be compared to childbirth. But sick as I am, I love it all. Anyhoo - I got off track (get it? Off track? Gym humour) So when I finished torturing myself with 3 sets then went away and came back for 3 more sets, I very politely reached for the cleaning solution to wipe down the equipment. The thing was (being tired) I kind of grabbed it and released the spray.... allover the guy working out at the next machine. I'm sure he thought it was some wacky attempt at hitting on him (which I absolutely was NOT)
At which point being me I say,
"Oh! Did I just spray you?" (Duhhhh)
He looks at me and grins... "That's okay."
Then I said, "Well.... least your clean." *big goofy smile* and then I started laughing. HARD. For some reason it struck me as absolutely hilarious, so then he started laughing at my laughing and then people started staring and snickering. Once I started snorting I had to excuse myself to the upstairs indoor track away from the people to recover. (okay maybe I didn't snort - but I did have to leave) (okay - maybe a little snort)

I must remind myself not to go again without my coffee first.


Melanie said...

well it made me snort. I guess everyone laughs a lot easier in the morning!

elizabeth said...

LOL! Tomorrow I'll wear the ipod the entire time - much safer I'm sure. (But I tend to forget I'm not alone and sing out loud)