Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thirteen Things about FUNNY GIRL

1. I am grumpy when I'm sick and when I'm hungry. If I say I am hungry more than once and there is no food in sight .... run. Ask anyone who knows me. In fact, if you plan to spend a lot of time around me you might want to tuck a protein bar into your glove box or pocket.

2. I beat myself up mentally for judging people (I know - Me? It's true). It makes me feel like a bad person.

3. I have a twisted sense of humor. Demented even. Few share it. There may be a few of those few around these parts... actually I pretty much know there are. (yeah you)

4. I love old movies and memorize the songs. I sing them in the car at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I catch myself singing them quietly in the produce dept. Once instead of stopping and turning red like usual - this little old man spied me over the oranges and smiled so I kept on singing - louder and did a little dance. Then I winked at him and went on my way - I think I was taken over by aliens momentarily but it made me smile all day.

5. I can't remember my grandfather's face. I remember his hands, and the way he smelled like cigars but I can't remember his face and it makes me really sad. It really bothers me.

6. I am one of the luckiest people on planet earth. My heart is full and it brings me HUGE *joy* to make my people happy - because they make me happy and it all becomes one great big dizzying circle of happiness laced with red wine. I think of it like a pay in forward... which was a pretty decent movie btw.

7. I do not like the Barenaked Ladies. And I'm Canadian. Feels wrong. (not as people since I don't know them see - just not a real big fan of their music). Boo.

8. I find great satisfaction in lining things up. Borderline OCD. Usually you will catch me doing this if I am stressed or sometimes if I am happy but then I am usually humming a show tune while I do it.

9. I wish I believed in stuff (superstition and all that). I am more analytical than I would like about these types of things. (Though sometimes, even I am prone to shivers at the odd ghost story.)

10. When I get older I plan on having every procedure known to man to maintain my youthful appearance. Okay - not like crazy here. I won't have too much stuff done - I want to grow old extra gracefully is all. Just the odd Botox, nip and tuck.

11. I love people. Especially old people. Seriously. And babies. Babies are too young not to be real and old people couldn't be bothered to be anything else (other than occasionally bitter but maybe they have earned it). Lot's of people in between get their priorities messed up but at least one day they will get old and hopefully unravel their shite.

12. I miss someone right now and feel lucky that I have someone to miss.

13. I've been thinking about that go back and do things over questions that pops up on meme's all the time.... I finally figured out what that would have been; I would have actually gone to class in highschool (I missed more than I went and still managed pretty well) - if I had I am almost 100% positive that if I had applied myself I could have gotten a scholarship. I also would have snuck into McMaster classes earlier and more frequently - long story. (No paper to prove it but free education. *Extra niiiiiice!*)


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Melanie said...

I am down with number 10. and number 11. Also? I have a similar experience in high school, only I didn't ditch. I had untreated ADD, so even when I was there, i wasn't. make sense?

loved this.

i am the diva said...

I looooves me some showtunes!! part of the reason why i took music in University.

I don't mind the Barenaked Ladies - not my fave, but i prefer them to our 'other' national treasure...

if i could i would like to see Celine Dion and Shania twain driving in a red sports car - and then they CRASH into Nickleback annnnd The Tragically Hip's tour buses, and they all go careening of the edge of a cliff in a fiery mass and land on Bryan Adams. That would be awesome. Then, maybe...for you.... the Barenaked Ladies could be charged for the accident somehow and go to prison.

My grandfather died when i was two - i don't remember anything about him except the sound of his laugh.

Joe the Troll said...

#4 - Classics rule.

#7 - You guys gave us Stephen Stills and Neil Young. I'm at a loss for anything else that impresses me.

#9 - Me too. However, what if ghosts exist because of some science we are not yet aware of?

B.E. Earl said...

I love bare naked ladies too.

The band isn't band, either.

Joe the Troll said...

I just found out that the Cowboy Junkies are Canadian, so I'll have to amend my comment slightly.

elizabeth said...

Melanie - makes sense. My bro has ADD and I tutored kids with ADD in highschool.

Diva - yep. That's sounds fab. I don't want them to die... I just don't want to listen to them and if they were in jail it would surely help that along...

Joe -Hello! What about Funny Girl (not to mention the other Canadians that hang around these parts) Also - we kick your asses at hockey AND invented basketball.

Earl - Seek help.

Joe - still forgetting the blog bunch...come on man. We rock.

Joe the Troll said...

Oh, I was just talking MUSIC. Hockey I like. Basketball I'll BLAME you for. My trip to Hamilton to see the Grateful Dead was one of the best road trips ever, though. I asked for cream for my coffee and got REAL CREAM for the only time in my life. Here we get 1/2 & 1/2 or non dairy white stuff. And the people were all VERY nice. The hotel folks treated us like guests, as opposed to American hoteliers who treated us like scum that they were willing to put up with for money. The cops at the scene were cool, talking to people and hanging out and making sure everything stayed calm, as opposed to American cops who treated us like criminals just for being there. Nothing bad to say about Canada at all.

I just don't get into Triumph, Rush, Lenny Kravitz or Anne Murray. :-)

elizabeth said...

Is Lenny Kravitz Canadian? I did not know that. I hear ya about basketball - I don't get into it much to be honest...

Canada is a pretty friendly place init? Glad you had a good road trip!! Come back anytime. We still use cream in our coffee BUT if you order tea you have to specify milk cuz they get a little crazy and put cream in.Yuck.

elizabeth said...

I have to agree though. Musically we aren't really ahead. Bit pitiful really. But actors? We've churned out a few good uns.

Joe the Troll said...

Oh hell, yeah! William Shatner, for one!