Sunday, October 21, 2007

1. Car
HAVE - A DODGE MINI VAN - I just lost all measure of coolness.
WANT - A Volvo or a Scooby Doo (Subarooooooo).

2. House
HAVE- Beautiful old money pit
WANT- a house with a porch all the way around it and a library (complete with a dewey decimal system)

3. Job
HAVE- a job with flexible hours to allow for travel
WANT- um. someone to pay me to shop for them. that'd be fun.

4. Relationship
HAVE – the most incredible absolutely positively most wonderfully fabulous guy in the universe
WANT - to not be missing him right now...

5. Kids
HAVE- two incredible, beautiful, funny kids that I adore
WANT- at least 10 more (KIDDING - relax my little goat)

6. Money
HAVE- some (but where the hell did I put it? Shit, I think it's in the washing machine...)
WANT- to win the lottery and buy a castle with thrones and perhaps a built in spa and some pickens

7. Cell Phone
HAVE- a sadly beaten up somethingoranother - ah - it says on it "Sony Ericsson" and I bought it because I thought that the orange detailing was pretty. Priorities people.
WANT- one of those old brick cell phones in a brief case. Then I'll dress up all fancy and whip it out acting totally as though this was the hottest new trend.

8. Cell Phone Provider
HAVE- Rogers
WANT- them to pay me to use their service because I make it look cool, lol

9. Education
HAVE- I been edumacatedd good
WANT- I'd love to win a full scholarship to Harvard, Princeton and Yale. And then have the time to actually go and the brain to get killer marks.

10. Talents
HAVE- Well wouldn't you like to know
WANT- to know what they are too, LOL

11. Computer
HAVE- um. It's black... got buttons...
WANT- I dunno.

12. Internet Service Provider
HAVE- one
WANT- you to know I know nothing about these things...

13. Hair
HAVE- longish reddish brownish curly hair
WANT- It to be about 6 inches longer and not need as much product

14. Eyes
HAVE- three (2 hazel, 1 red)
WANT- I'd love to have really green eyes. Kelly green I think they call it.

15. Siblings
HAVE- one older brother
WANT- him to have 6 kids just like him and then be a stay at home dad. (muah hahaha)

16. Credit Cards
HAVE- one
WANT- to use it less, lol

17. Alcohol
HAVE- this might take a while...
WANT- more...

18. Pets
HAVE- 1 cat, and some other various creatures milling about including a very dead frog somewhere...
WANT- I'd love to have an Australian Shepherd one day

19. Collections
HAVE- pictures, SHOES, coats, books, clothes, movies, cds...
WANT- well, I dunno hows about a collection of crown jewels and sports cars while I'm at it! Or something really random and bizzare like a collection of mutant bugs.

20. Friends
HAVE- the best friends in the world
WANT- to not be missing some of them ALL OF THE TIME

Thanks Diva for letting me thieve this! (Not that you had much choice mind you)

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