Saturday, October 13, 2007

K. Just a couple of things. Firstly, there is a sick skunk wandering around somewhere between our yard and the neighbours yard. This poses a couple of problems; it could be rabid and, it smells REALLY bad.

It has been there for a week. Every time we go outside it sprays. We have called the humane society (they are afraid of me now) but it's still there... and it still smells. AND I know everyone has smelled a skunk - either on the highway or when out for a walk - but when you get into close proximity to the initial spray - it is far worse than any smell in the universe. It is horrific. If it is still there next week - I am going to slap on a hasmat suit and do skunk recon.

Also, not drinking the water around here anymore. Just saw a blue jay the size of a crow.

I will be out happily gallivanting for a couple of days! Have a great weekend!!


Melanie said...

have a good time away from the skunk.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Where exactly do you live, I know Sask has a lot of funky toxic heavy metal ground water but has it spread to you now too?

Kat said...

Stop feeding the wildlife chocolate covered salmon.

elizabeth said...

Melanie - Oh I did. Damn thing is still here. Arrrrgh.

Beth - Urm. Not Sask. Somewhere in Ontario.... love canal maybe?

Kat- solid advice.