Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today was not a good day. Really.

So there I was. In the bathroom at work. The stall door was stuck and I was trapped inside. Awesome. Really stuck - door - won't - budge. I started to laugh when it dawned on me that it was either over or under- and under seemed a much more realistic prospect in light of the high heels I was sporting. I debated for a few minutes and eventually crawled out. I was fully expecting an army of people to walk in just then but nada. One little silver lining. It wasn't lost on me that someone was going to have to crawl back under to get the door fixed - which made me laugh even harder. I imagine I am covered in strangers germs totally. I will be lighting this outfit on fire.

Then - having completed an entirely too hectic day, I found it was going home time. When I reached the car and turned the key the gas light came on. I have a one hour drive home so I reached into my purchase to search out my wallet en route to the gas station. Search search search. Nada. I pull over and increase the depth of the search. Again. Nada. I return to the office and search around. Nope. Okay. I go downstairs to the restaurant to see if I left it there. Uh. No.

I drove to the gas station, cleaned out the $3.37 in my ashtray (lucky for me I had just emptied it out; hooray for timing!) and "filled up". When I handed it into the man at the gas station he just stood there clutching the hand full of change staring at me with the odd nickel rolling out and pinging onto the counter. I of course, laughed like a maniac. I think I had achieved the full on crazy laughter at that point.

I drove home fully expecting to run out of gas but didn't. Thank god. The entire time I was keeping Spartan apprised of my fabulous goings on via text message. At this point we are in entirely two different places laughing our asses off at my specialness. He must really love me. Then he called me and we laughed even harder. Thank god for my Spartan. I wonder if he realizes that this stuff happens on a continual basis and that the more time he spends with me the more likely the chances that he will get to witness this first hand - or even become a victim of it at some point. Well, in a way, he kind of already is a victim. LOL.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I'll fit in for a day.


B.E. Earl said...

You dirty, dirty girl!

I, of course, am referring to you after you crawled on a public bathroom floor.


Kat said...

I actually laughed out my nose and nearly lost my sip of wine when I read the part about the nickel on the counter. It's good wine too. How dare you!

elizabeth said...

Earl - Yep. That's me. Believe you me, I felt just that way indeed.

Kat - Yep. That's my job. I can't help it. (Hope you licked it up - and done me proud)

badgerdaddy said...

Hey, what's with the implication I never come here? You wouldn't see me on a traffic report as I subscribe to your feed, and I already visited today... So NER!

But I'll lurk less and comment more. Promise.

If only I had some magic sweets, life would be much better...

elizabeth said...

Badger! Hoorah! Ner ner ner.

Address??? (okay - it is possible that you emailed it already - I dunno - but send it to littleangelphoto@mail.com --- funny I was just thinking about how annoying it is that I still have those... for real)

i am the diva said...

god, what a day!! lol. thanks for the laugh, what a special spartan you have there. :D