Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I was just remembering something really funny... I may have blogged about this in past years - I can't be bothered to check. It's my blog though and I feel like talking about this so you guys have no choice but to be subjected to it....

Years and years ago when I lived in B.C. with my fabulous room-mate Carrie. There were a number of us who lived in this apartment complex that all hung out together. Many of us didn't have family immediately nearby so we all hung out together for various celebrations that would normally include family. We kind of made our own family. The holiday season was fast approaching and Carrie and I decided we would host a Thanksgiving dinner. Being 19 we had obviously never taken on such a task... but this did not dissuade us.

We had previously purchased a kind of large deep freeze for our very tiny apartment - can't really say why - seemed like a good idea at the time... we spray painted it white and the spray paint dust ended up landing on every surface - then the lid actually sealed shut with the paint.... but eventually we managed to crack it open and insert the largest turkey known to man. This thing had to be 50 pounds.

We came up with a menu that included all manner of side dishes normally served at such a dinner and furthermore decided that everyone should have an individually made lemon merange tart for dessert.

I actually worked shifts back then so the night preceding the dinner I was awake all night - but came home and was ready for battle.

We realized at about this time that the turkey was still really good and frozen despite being out for the night. Oops. So I ran it a warm bath and threw it in the tub... once it had kind of thawed we carried it into the living room and slapped it down on the living room floor and stared at it. (on newspaper)

"Wow. That thing is freakin huge."
"Do you know what we do now?"

Various phone calls to various relatives and we were told to butter and season the turkey and slap it in a pan in the oven... seems simple enough. The buttering of the rather large turkey revealed that it was indeed a slippery task. We buttered it while chasing it all over the house until eventually we had to stop and catch our breath then - we threw on some salt and pepper and stuffed it rather viciously with stuffing - but we weren't sure really which end to do that do nor were we aware of something called giblets.... ooops.

Once this task was complete we realized we didn't really have a pan of sufficient size to house our gigantic pterodactyl sized turkey - after some scrambling we came up with something and managed to squeeze it into the oven.

Task one was complete... we spent the rest of the day cooking everything else. We were bound and determined that everyone who was attending would enjoy a traditional turkey dinner. Anyways, just about the time everyone arrived I was barely able to keep my eyes open. I went to have a little rest. I fell asleep listening to my friends all hanging out and being happy. When I woke up - everyone had eaten and gone home. Woe. I never got my lemon tart (I think Joe ate it) - but really that wasn't the point. Everyone else did. Mission complete.

We cleaned up and collapsed on the couch. We ate left over turkey for an entire month (don't worry - we froze most of it, lol).

I miss those days...


Melanie said...

I want to have that kind of thanksgiving this year since I wont be with my family! anyone in So Cal interested in hanging out and cooking Tdinner?

elizabeth said...

If I lived there I'd be totally in - and I'd even stay awake this time...