Monday, April 24, 2006


Last night I had this reoccurring dream - well it used to reoccur often enough... when I was a child. Not too sure why it came back now. I'll tell you this though - it is still scary now so I know I wasn't a wimp when I was little. It goes something like this;
This witch without a face takes me and locks me in her house (old and falling apart) and it is on the end of what I can only describe as a cement pier. I spend my entire dream trying to escape and call for help but - I can't run except in painfully slow-motion and when I open my mouth I can't make a sound. And she always catches me right before I am safe. How frustrating is that?
Over and over and over again. I hate nightmares.
Anyone have any good jokes?


Elizabeth McClung said...

I hate the Slo-mo nightmare running - I have a one where I can fly away but only if my shoes are dry, so I inevitably land in puddles and then do so mo running for a supermarket to dry my shoes on thier mat to fly away again (????).

After nightmares I try to move away from anything with images and do things like checklists in my head of what needs to be vaccuumed or things like that - it's pretty hard to make a shopping list "evil" (though the mind will try!)

elizabeth said...

Right. Well that's the first place I go to dry my shoes too. I had a dream I was Superman (but I was a girl) but I flew with the aide of this invisible intertube but in order to land I had to take it off - and kept misplacing it.

elizabeth said...

Why do I feel like that is some twisted form of foreshadowing?