Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You Will Love

Go here. This is the coolest thing. You type in a song you like and - BLAMO this site compiles a list of songs similar and plays them for you like a radio.... so just launch your internet explorer and let her play while you ... play (or work) or whatever. It is very cool.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I tried it and except that a lot of people I listen to tend to do one album before fading into instant obscurity and they don't recognize them - it was pretty cool - till they asked me for money! Hey, I'm Canadian, I don't pay for anything I can get for free. Stop the car, that roadkill is dinner!

elizabeth said...

They asked you for money? How come they didn't ask me for money? Isn't my money good? Now I'm mad -- but I'm going to keep listening as long as it's free. LOL