Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pet Peeves

Okay - I admit it - this post was somewhat inspired by part of Dr. Phil that I accidentally watched the other day where this lady was ranting about the dividers at the grocery checkout - and people's inability to use them on a consistent basis. Her pet peeve. She is out to retrain the public one talk show at a time....I digress....

I got thinking about my pet peeves and came up with a few... I'm sure after I post this I will think of a million more.

1. Those double rims on orange juice containers that you need to use a knife to loosen prior to opening or you end up ripping all of the skin off of your hands. They really irk me.

2. People who have never met you but throw you a dose of stink eye just for existing.

3. A bad cork.

4. People at the gym who don't wipe their sweat of the elliptical. (Germs bother me enough - but germs commingled with sweat is sooooo much worse somehow)

5. People who go through Tim Horton's (coffee) and order their entire office's lunch. The rest of us just want a god damn coffee. Don't mess with me before my coffee.

6. Bugs in my salad. It's happened many times. I am developing a great aversion to salad.

7. When jeans stretch so much that they almost fall off - they fit perfectly in the morning - fresh from the dryer - but by lunch they are 4 sizes too big. Not kosher.

8. An unhappy ending in Hollywood. That's not what I pay money for people.

9. Technical difficulties.

10. Revenue Canada and the 500 prompts and options you need to surpass before you can talk to an actual person to tell them to stop sending you information in French. I mean - yeah - I took French but unless you want me to count to ten, name a common fruit or tell you the ingredients on my shampoo (I get bored) then I am out to lunch.

Anyone want to add anything?


Elizabeth McClung said...

That many bugs in your salad - please tell me where so I can never go there. (also stink eye? what is this?)

My pet peeves: Canada Post. Just thier whole existance or the fact that they change more than any other postal system on earth to do a worse job (finally now getting letters from Jan 24th I thought were lost forever).

Another pet peeve: People who buy the jumbo popcorn at the cinema, then eat and talk with their mouth full through the movie right behind me.

Super pet peeve: Not allowing me to own MACE - and the fact that none of my friends will give me any because they say "You will probably use it." - darn right I will - there are so many people who could be improved with a bit of mace!

elizabeth said...

Two most recent places with the bugs in the salad - Mrs. Vanelli's in the Pen Centre (a full blown beatle no less) and at the Dairy Queen in Caledonia. There have been others but these memories are becoming more repressed daily - and I think that is good for my mental health so I won't try to hard to remember...

elizabeth said...

Ah - yes you have reminded me of another peeve about the movies... people who kick my seat. I get what I like to call movie-rage.

And stink eye - is just a really good term for a really dirty look. Much more effective.

J. Mason said...

Heya! I just wanted to stop by and say your blogs are hilarious. I always find other people's pet peeves so funny.

Your coffee comment reminded me of when I used to work at Smoothie King... We had a gym right across from us and one person would come in and order for ten people... Meanwhile there was a line out the door! It's not only annoying to the customers but the workers! We only had two people working a day there... Absolutely horrible /).x

Which brings me to another pet peeve... Stupid managers that never lay a finger and help...yet... make more money than you! So frustrating...

New York, NY said...

hahaha I want to do my own pet peeve post now