Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally figured it out -

although - I was really just going through the same process as last time - cept this time VIOLA! Moi! I wasn't going to post a picture - whole anonymity thing... but then I thought - screw it. So for now there is a picture for all to enjoy or make fun of - whatever works for ya.


Tobiwan said...

Wow Liz! Hot picture...you are really very stunning I must say!

Visiting California anytime soon? *smirk*

badgerdaddy said...

Sod California, I think you'll find Bungay has all you'll need.

As long as all you need is pubs, I mean.

Wow, your hair... My favourite!

At this rate, I think the pic will be down in about four days... Earl and Slyde have yet to see...

elizabeth said...

Well - at least I know there are at least two men out there who don't find me repugnant;-) Lovely.

(though Badger - you should know that when I wake up in the morning it takes a small army to calm those curls and I tend to look a touch shocked...lol)

Elizabeth McClung said...

Nice pic - very twisty twisty hair - is it like that all the time or spiraled - and if it is like that all the time, how do you stop from choking on it while sleeping?

elizabeth said...

It's all crazy all the time - unless I straighten it...

How do I keep from choking on it while I'm sleeping? Um - do you sleep hanging upside down too? Who knew!

wv: fkharz

Cheezy said...

Very nice, Elizabeth. Most girls I know who are as funny as you, have also looked pretty funny too*, but I'm glad to learn that this is not the case with you! :)

* Was that a horribly sexist thing to say? I hope not.

elizabeth said...

I dunno -I still think I look kind of funny... it's all in the eye of the beholder I spose'

But thank you for telling me I'm funny!!! (Garsh - they really like me... they really do...)

badgerdaddy said...

Women never believe this, but to me they usually look loveliest first thing in the morning when they wake up.

Especially women with curly hair!

So there.

Can't believe I'm doing this and not sleeping... gah!

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh, ye be a lovely, young thing, me PowderMonkey!

elizabeth said...

All these compliments are just making me blush (keep it coming).

george86 said...

you could have easily been in my group of friends in bc
but you were burnaby and i was coquitlam

probably best though. I woulve been your annoying friend who keeps trying to make your hair bigger. "Pretend my hands are a diffuser...ill go get more mousse and hairspray...lets backcomb it!"

Slyde said...

see, now i'm EXPECTED to say something crass and sexist! :)

At any rate, Earl and I once joked that we thought the absence of any LIZ pics hinted at someone less desireable visually.

But i am happy to be proven wrong. Not only funny, and nice, but a real cutie to boot!

badgerdaddy said...


Just trying it out for size; I may preface all comments on here that way from now on.

Erm... Do you partake in HNT? Go on, go on, go on, go on go on!!!

I need to get out more. Or less.

Oooh, great wv: isowag

I think that's a really funny weather-person. I could be wrong.

elizabeth said...

george - diffuse away baby!

Slyde - I could say the same about earl (hehehe)

Earl - no HNT (not that kind of girl - I have kids to think of you know! For shame.)

B.E. Earl said...

Wow...I get busted on for comments that aren't even mine!

Badgerdaddy: Erm... Do you partake in HNT? Go on, go on, go on, go on go on!!!

Elizabeth: Earl - no HNT (not that kind of girl - I have kids to think of you know! For shame.)

Good to see that I'm constantly on your mind when it comes to the dirty things. ;)

As for your pic...very, very lovely. I, of course, look to the inner soul for great beauty, so I always knew you were aces.

B.E. Earl said...

By the way, I'm assuming that HNT was a naughty reference. Right?

(Half-Nekkid Thursdays??)

elizabeth said...

OOOOOPS. Sorry! Well - I was until you said that you were on my mind when in comes to dirty things...

YOu look to the soul hey? (You've no idea the eye rolling that followed my reading that - saw completely behind me on that one)

I assumed it was half naked thursday too - wouldn't we be smut if we were wrong? lol

Kat said...

Yes you two,
it could have easily been
Holy Neighbour Tuesdays.
Always with the minds in the gutter!

Isn't my Lizzy and looker! ;o)
I think we may have been the Mean Girls in highschool-although we never would have thought that then. This is all in hindsight ofcourse. We're much sweeter now *wink*

Kat said...

a looker

wv: onhunlzs

(oh the irony of more wv than letters in my correction)

elizabeth said...

Thanks Kath - yer pretty cute yeself!

(PS - I wasn't mean. You weren't mean... who was mean?)

wv - fdpeal

b.e. earl said...

Glad to see that my sarcasm is appropriately met with rolling eyes.

Job well done!

wv: epyrek (is that some kind of hair removal disaster?)

elizabeth said...

yeah - epyrek just about describes it.... if only you knew how appropriate that comment was today of all days - hey Kath?)

Kat said...

Huh? I don't know what you're talking about. I may have had a rough weekend but I'm over it now.
You shoulda come to the concert with me. It was fn' awesome!!

wv: vexmaua- How appropriate

elizabeth said...

Kat - nice pick! YOu look hawt. (looks like you really rocked out there!)

Um - remember the phone conversation about waxing?....and how it would have made a funny post? (if not - stop drinking - party animal)

elizabeth said...

PS - just wondering if I could borrow your leather bathing suit for the dominican? Puh-leeeeze?

wv: uyjdbjwh (how brutal is that one?)

b.e. earl said...

PS - just wondering if Liz could borrow your leather bathing suit for the dominican? Puh-leeeeze?

PPS - terribly drunkish right now! Forgive me. Puh-leeeeze?

elizabeth said...


elizabeth said...

Um, Earl seriously - do you sleep?

Kat said...

liz and earl-
I don't lend this puppy out.
Besides, it only looks good on me.
And now...
another beer
*banging head to slayer*

elizabeth said...

You are so cool.

b.e. earl said...

Sleeping is overrated. And did Kat just say she was having another beer? At 10AM?

U go girl!

Kat said...

I did say that didn't I.
In all actuality that beer only exists in my fantasy life for the next 5 1/2 months. Hence the post right under this crazy banter.

elizabeth said...

(Earl - check out her picture....)