Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I've Become a Creature of Habit

I am not old. I am not rainman. I am not suffering from an OCD or any other psychological disorder. (That I know of). I do not lack imagination. Why then - do I find myself buying more than one of the same item of clothing. (In an attempt to emulate Smurfette? I hope not.)
An example of this bizarre behavior would be that I recently bought a pair of Josef Seibel shoes. They are really very nice. Cute and stylish and a lovely green colour. They are comfortable. Yes. Very. So much so that I went on line and ordered two additional pairs. I attempted to order the green again but they were out of my size, so I ended up with lilac and another pair of black ones (these I am very excited about and already wishing I had bought more than one pair). I will also admit that I bought another pair in a different style - but not too different - just in leather instead of suede. I'm guilty of gluttony perhaps. But look how cute...

This is not the first time I have done this. I have done this with pants, shirts, running shoes, underwear and bras. I get the underwear and bra part - how often do you find comfy undergarments that also look rather nice? (Thank you Victoria Secret) But the rest - might just be indicative of a deeper issue.

The only thing I can figure is that in my old age I will be one of those old ladies with 25 dresses in several colours but the same style and I will always eat oatmeal for breakfast. Except on Sundays - when I will be allowed a soft boiled egg. What a life.

But at least I know I'll like my shoes. More than likely I'll still be wearing these ones ...
If anyone wants to order these shoes, click here.... oh shit I just found the pink. I need the pink. I gotta have the pink...


george86 said...

its not crazy, its just good sence! I one bough a pair of jeans that fit me so perfectly. they made everything that needed to look bigger, bigger and everything that needed to look smaller, smaller. and they were only 30$ on sale.

Ive since worn said pair of jeans out and to this day I regret not buying the second pair.

Dont live your life in regret! get the pink ones!

B.E. Earl said...

Not crazy at all. Several years ago I went to purchase new glasses. After trying on a couple of dozen pairs, I settled on one that I really liked and told the clerk I would take them. She responded that they were exactly the same Giorgio Armani pair that I was already wearing.

I honestly had no idea. They weren't bent and smudged like mine.

Bought 'em! As well as another pair, same style with tinted glass.

So there!

elizabeth said...

Thank you boys - my guilt is dissipating. (And George - I am so ordering the pink!)

Slyde said...

when the talk turns to shoes, that's usually when i punch out ... :)

elizabeth said...

Well I can't help it - my Great Aunt Imelda told me it's genetic.

wv - chuvullt (Sounds like a Jewish holiday)

Kat said...

I have the opposite problem.
I can only ever buy one
so I have to pick the 'perfect'
colour in that style
and then look for a different
colour in a different style.
Now that is compulsive.
I torture myself with the not
getting 2 of the same.

I think I shall learn from you Liz.
Next time I'm buying...
IT'S ONE IN EVERY COLOUR! (think George Costanza talking here)

Ps Yes, you MUST get the pink

elizabeth said...

Yes. Musn't I though?

Carrie said...

obviously you need to buy
the pink ones. Because it's
like a "set" of something.
Would you have a game of chess
without all the pieces?
Besides I like to call that VARIETY.

When it comes to shoes... always buy the pair you hesitate the most over.
...And should you eat the last chocolate? Ofcourse!

elizabeth said...

You've all been so very supportive.... (I'm getting all teary eyed) Off I go to get the pink...