Sunday, June 25, 2006


Went out last evening to the casino. Had WAY TOO much to drink....but then having missed dinner and gone straight for the tequila - it's no wonder that the sound of a ceiling fan is enough to do me in. I do believe that I am possibly still a little drunk.... *giggle*.

I must tell you that I was shocked and appalled that most of the competition out there has been toilet trained very recently. They are so young! (When did I get so old?). Anyways - didn't do so well as I had hoped in the flirting department. Alas - it seemed that my tequila was more interesting than most of the available men. Not to say I didn't get admiring glances - that would just be silly - but most of them were on oxygen machines and that doesn't sit well with me since I can't do the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing overly well. Also - they are a fire hazard so best to avoid them all together. The other men who seemed to find me attractive were all of 12 (okay maybe older but - I am sure they were way too young for me). Lastly - there was the group of German or Swedish (?) men that appeared to think I had very nice teeth... and we all know how I might feel about that at this point. I did, however, make friends with a 40 or 50 something couple that runs the local tennis/badminton club and have vague recollections of committing myself to tennis lessons at some future and forgotten date. I do believe they had decided that they could adopt me. I also befriended a lovely girl and her mother who only spoke Spanish - evidently when I am inebriated I excel at foreign languages. I can only imagine how that conversation went... and the reason I can only imagine it is because I can't remember most of it. lol.

I know I basically passed out upon reaching the comfy confines of my bed since I was still fully clothed and the bed was still perfectly made and I was tossed upon it as though I were no more than a throw pillow.

I have just returned from a trip to the grocery store whereupon I found a sale on Gatorade - and am surely convinced someone up there is looking out for me. I bought a case and am off to go about drinking the entire thing. At some point today - my most fervent wish is that the birds will stop singing so god damned loud. I think I shall return to bed - my Gatorade clutched firmly in my arms and try to stop the room from spinning. When I awake - fresh and overly hydrated - I will go about the business of trying to recollect how I ended up with someone named Sven's phone number written on my arm and pray like hell that I didn't return the favour.


Carrie in BC said...

But did you sing any karaoke?

Anonymous said...

Princess Buttercup! Well, th'good news be that ye were still in your royal robes. I'll send th'evil sea-monkeys over t'chase THOSE LOUD BIRDS away. If they not be quiet when they do this, just shoot 'em--I have more. ;)

george86 said...

what flovour gatorade? I go for red or green. If youve vomited or are thinking about doing it later i think green is the best. no acidic tasting backwash

also you should try gastrolite. its the fizzy stuff you give babies when they have the runs. works great on a hangover.

elizabeth said...

I only drink the yellow or the green - never had gastrolite - is it like pedialite? Must try some.

Kat said...

soda and bitters is good for the tummy too
although it does taste kinda crappy
so if you can stomache it...

I'm concerned you may have a gambling addiction-
maybe you should go get trashed somewhere else
seriously though, I hear you can get a really great high from oxygen. Don't knock it till ya try it! *Cheshire grin*

elizabeth said...

I'm no gambling addict - I just like the bartender at the casino bar. *smirk*