Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A secret garden and some fish...

Well - I have decided today to blog about fish and how interesting I find them. (It's my blog and I'll write about what I want. ) Last night the rain very nearly overflowed the pond sending the fish careening into the backyard. They started out as feeder fish but have grown inexplicably huge over the last year. They might even make a delicious fillet at some point this summer (or maybe a bathtub friend?). Fish are great because they eat bugs. They are also very calming to watch, I find.

Another interesting fish story is how the guppies (inside in a tank) had babies - and ate all but one when I finally noticed. The female is also missing - little Houdini that she is. Then when I was cleaning their tank - one committed fish suicide by jumping out of the little container he was in. (No doubt due to his guilty cannibal conscience.) The baby is smaller than the tiniest tadpole - almost looks like a mosquito larvae. Named her Speck, cute huh? Perhaps not destined for a second career in fish breeding - but then you just never know.

And all of this leads me to the following;
I have decided that it is one of my fondest wishes to have a secret walled garden complete with a little fawn and a pond full of frogs and fish. I would like to have a swing in a large willow tree and will set about writing my first great literary work in said garden - maybe even whilst on the swing. Or maybe I'll just keep writing in the basement - it doesn't really matter.... I just want a goddamned garden inside of some really tall stone walls covered in ivy without any bugs in it. Sounds plausible right? I would also like wild strawberries in said garden - and maybe a plum tree. I wouldn't mind a peacock while we're at it. Maybe a goose. (and some faeries- just for shits and giggles).

I would also like a fully stocked bar and a smattering of servants to fetch me fresh fruit - but then that might be on the verge of silliness...

Right. Well, off I go to do some assignments now. (boo)


funchilde said...

well damn girl, why'd you stop at fairies and liquor? i'm thinking you should add a stripper pole and a hole to an alternate universe and what's a fawn in a secret garden without a unicorn?
count me in (then out b/c i'd be bored after 10 minutes watching someone write and figuring out how a unicorn poop looks).

elizabeth said...

Well - maybe we should add Matthew McC and some other lovlies to keep you entertained!!

(Yay for the unicorn - good thinkin)