Saturday, February 16, 2008

Every year around this time I start to get desperate for the winter to end. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. I am sick of snow storms and ice. Sick of shovelling and dusting off the car. I hate it when my fingers get so cold they feel frozen. I am done with winter. The snowmen I've been building lately are looking more and more evil ...which is a sure sign. I'm also getting lazy with the entire getting dressed for winter thing and have started leaving the house wearing only a spring ensemble - like it will make it happen faster; as though I am soley responsible for calling the spring back this year by sheer force of will. I am also going to stop eating oatmeal soon since that is clearly a winter breakfast food...

I love the spring. I love the smell of spring, the sound of it and the feel of it on my face. I love watching everything wake up from it's winter sleep, the leaves, the flowers, the birds returning. It fills me up with happy. I love that it will be here in another 6 weeks or so... and I love that it is beginning to feel close enough that I can start to look forward to it's arrival. It's almost time to make mud pies again!

I don't know about you guys but I love the looking forward to part of life so very much. Looking forward to the next time I will feel Spartan's arms encircle my waist and I will breathe him in. Just the thought of it makes me smile. Looking forward to all of the little adventures that make life flow. Looking forward to spending time with friends and the laughter that goes along with it. Looking forward to surprises and the plotting...I don't think that we give enough credit to the "looking forward to" of it all. When you start to enjoy that part of life and acknowledge it- it becomes part of the now. So right now - I am going about the business of seriously looking forward to a great many things.

I am really truly happy... and I'm looking forward to tomorrow ;-) and the day after that and - in particular next Friday... and then all the days that follow. And somewhere along the way the spring will pop up and become part of it all.... which is great because my crocs are proving to be very un -snow worthy...


KAYLEE said...

good post and thank you for the comment :)

Kat said...

Luv u!
Especially when you're all snuggled up on my couch...(just had to leave that one open for earl and slyde hehehe)

Böbø said...

OK, I'm not going to labour the whole "we're as far north as you but the sun is already out and we don't really get snow much as such" thing (though it's not often that Scotterland compares favourable in climate to anywhere).

Nor that I'm with my sweetheart just now, with lots of strong arms round girlie waists opportunities, till I have to get up at 5am tomorrow and travel back down to England.

But I am totally with you on this one. Spring is fabbo. The warmth of the sun. The dark blue sky. The shedding of heavy clothes. The skip in one's step. It's romantic and heady and beautiful and joyous and what's not to love about everything springlike.

Though I am slightly drawn to the idea that you are unconsciously building satanic snowmen. Like Chinese terracota warriors, I'd like to see an army of evil snowmen start to fill your back garden - only to be defeated by the cleansing sun!

Anonymous said...

Evil, Satanic snowmen, how very cool. A couple of weeks, back, I started to dress for spring, living in hope, just like you.

Bobo has just left and it may be three weeks before we see each other again. Luckily, I had a top up of lovely, yummy man time to tide me over until spring.
I am loving your bubbly, springy energy, Elizabeth.


B.E. Earl said...

Evil snowmen?

Do they listen to the Bleck Meh-tal?

Ruby said...

i have to admit....i love winter...even when it's really cold and snowy...but it might have something to do with the fact that when it's too hot i get sick and i was born smack right in the middle of winter;)

I do like spring however. And i always eagerly await it. Autumn is also a great fav of min:)

elizabeth said...

kaylee - hope you are feeling alright

kat - you have a verra comfy couch

bobo - hinese terracota warriors... now THAT is a good idea.

hullaballoo - " may be three weeks before we see each other again..." Such a bitter sweet thing isn't it?

earl - yes. Indeed they do. Black meh-tal and country.

ruby - it is a relief to know someone is enjoying it ;-)

Slyde said...

spring? You hemmed and hawed all about winter and christmas for like 2 months! Now winter is here and you want spring?

You chicks can never make up your mind!

elizabeth said...

No no dear Slyde. I love Christmas and the winter right up until Christmas. Once it's over - it's time for spring. Make sense?

Ookami Snow said...

I tend to like the next season alot when the current season get boring. Snow and a high of 20 on Thursday? I'll pass, give me the 60 degree days. However when it gets hot I always look forward to the cooler days of the fall and winter.

elizabeth said...

mmmmm. 60 degrees. gimme that.