Monday, February 25, 2008

Le sigh.

Just got back from a wonderful Spartan filled weekend. Walking arm in arm with him sincerely feels like walking around in a dream. I'm a lucky gal...

Funny little story - we were packing up and Spartan accidentally brushed my shoulder so I pretended to be mortally wounded. He of course kissed it better (that was my ploy). I told him I was just kidding - that it didn't hurt and then promptly bent over to pick up my hairbrush and slammed my forehead into the vanity. Hard.

I also accidentally tripped the waiter at breakfast en route to the buffet. I think Spartan hangs out with me for comic relief.

Yep. I'm a cool chick.


Anonymous said...

Awww bless, a Spartan filled weekend, lucky both of you. I hope you are not pining too much today though, I know what it's like for me after we say goodbye.

Wow, that is a funny story, sounds a bit ouchy too though.

The two of you sound like you are very much in love.

{{{Elizabeth}}} {{{Spartan}}}

sprinkle4 said...

Aaaaahhhhh....young love. What better way to remember your time together than caring for a forehead concussion.:)

At least it's better than doing the hair flip while walking away and walking straight into a wall.

Nothing says "sexy" like "clumsy" LOL

Melanie said...

hence the reason i call you eliza doogiggles... love you and your comic relief capabilities.

i feel like we are part of the same clan. :-)

badgerdaddy said...

Likewise, I think SLW likes me so much because I'm good at hitting my head. Weird thing is, I only do it when she's around.

Böbø said...

OMG you're a one woman Laurel and Hardy like my chum Lane!

A Spartan filled weekend sounds delicious. Ooooops! Just noticed Hullababe lurking inconspicuously at the top of your comments ... oh well, she's said it already.

Well, we know ... walking in a ♥dream♥ indeed!

elizabeth said...

Hullaballoo - indeed. A blessed weekend for sure. I am all topped up with love but lucky for me - I get him later this week too ***JOY***

Sprinkle - OH - I've done the walk into walls thing. Pretty much since I met him. I wander around walking into walls, falling in manholes. Humming away with a great big smile on my bruised face.

Melanie - We should have a crest - we could put it on t-shirts. (or maybe a padded hat?)

Badge - I've gotten really good at it since I met Spartan. ;-)

Bobo - I'm glad you guys know the walking in a dream thing as well! Makes everything lovely doesn't it? (Even makes the head bump sort of have a sentimental feel about it)