Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those who have a propensity to fear germs should not read articles that detail the numerous germs and mites that surround us on a daily basis.

Despite the fact that I am as close to being a germophobe as possible without actually being one– I read the article. My eyes thirstily drinking in all of the facts that eventually led to my current state of paranoia.

When I went to the gym today - I washed my hands 4 times. Then went to the grocery store and used the check out girls hand sanitizer. Then I came home and washed them again. I still don’t feel clean but my hands are red and swollen from scrubbing.

I feel like I am covered in dirty people germs. And they are making me mental. I can hear them taunting me.

I get why some people do not like – some even can’t – shake hands with other people, seeing how only 65% of people wash their hands after they go potty. Fecal matter. Now that is really really disturbing. The article went on to explain how there is fecal matter in all washing machines. Can you hear me screaming?

From now on – I only wear white. Thoroughly bleached white clothing. And I will boil myself daily.

Then – the last bit – about airplane washrooms. WHY DID I READ THAT? I fly quite a bit – not as much as some but more than most. God forbid I ever have to pee on a plane again. **shivers**

Glad to spread the love...


Jahooni said...

are you serious? you know that have meds that help with this ;-)

so i guess you'll never be a member of the mile high club? j/k

elizabeth said...

Yeah. But people might touch the meds and not have washed their hands ;-) so can't take em

HLHArts said...

Ha! I got totally freaked out today when they passed something around for everyone to see at our staff meeting. I was so skeeved because I was in the back... all those people, all those hands!!!!!!!!!!!

elizabeth said...

two words: hand sanitizer

carry it everywhere... also some of those lysol wipes. Just march up to people and wipe em down. Then carry on business as usual ;-)

KAYLEE said...

YUCk!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came by to say hi and let you know that i am hanging in there just fine :)

Kat said...

I wash my hands about 50 times a day. Especially at work. My poor hands sometimes look like someone took a wad of steel wool to em.

btw. loooove the meez today. totally looks like you 2!

Böbø said...

Oh now really Elizabeth, germs aren't our enemy. They're our tiny microscopic chums, linked to us in an intricate and rather beautifully complex web of life.

Plus you have your mighty immune system, designed to cope with far higher levels of dirty and public disease than we experience today.

Babies put everything in their mouths to find out what is them and what isn't ... and they have the worst potty control of anyone. But they flourish and thrive.

Of course, scrubbing your hands red raw will mean that you've removed a skin layer. And so made it more prone to infection!

Plus, most germs are not spread by touch, but through the air, in sneezes and coughs.

Don't fear the humble germ. You are a zillion times more powerful an organism than it is. And a bit of soap and water is all the defence you need.

elizabeth said...

kaylee - and glad to know it! Hi right back atcha.

kat - thanks darling girl - your meez is spectacular. I love the meez!! New favorite thing.

bobo - wow. I feel slightly better now... sort of... but I have to thank you for all of the effort you placed into that response. Truly!~

Slyde said...

i remember the first time i read up on Bedbugs, i was totally freaked out and washed my pillow!

Ookami Snow said...

I have actually stopped caring, if we have lived for this long (especially thought the dark ages), we won't die from germs now.