Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Meme's are Taking Over

Tagged again by the lovely Diva... evidently you guys just can't get enough useless information about me!!

7 random or weird things about the yourself
The rules are as follows:# Link to the person who tagged you
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# Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
# Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
# Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.

Sigh. This is hard work...

1. I may have mentioned this one before but - if I submerse my head under water I can blow air bubbles out of my eye. Yeah. I win for stupid human tricks with that one. (Sorry Spartan - I think this may be the one thing you didn't know - or perhaps didn't want to know about me)

2. I am always cold. Always.

3. I used to paint. And draw. I was even kind of good at it.

4. I used to make sandwiches with white wonder bread and dill pickle chips. In highschool. And I loved them.

5. People around me have a misconception that I'm verra clever. I tend to think not but never really admit it. Ooops. I think I just did, lol.

6. I owned all of the Disney movies before I had kids.

7. I only just started believing in happy endings ;-)

Now for tags... this time let's try some new ones....
Spartan (since he doesn't have a blog he will have to email this to me...)
Joe the Troll.
Hullaballoo (you'll have to come up with more)


Cheezy said...

"2. I am always cold. Always."

Well, you do live in Canada! ;)

KaB said...

6. I owned all of the Disney movies before I had kids.

Me too...I live for that stuff...still to this day!

Hurrah on the happy endings...hope yours goes on forever & ever & that you live happily ever after :)

Ruby said...

tee hee hee...this is gonna be fun! but i'm afraid some people might actually get scared reading some of my stuff!

Ruby said...

ok, i'm done:)

elizabeth said...

cheezy - you do have a valid point there my friend...

kab - thanks!! ;-)

ruby - loved it! Aren't these fun?

Kat said...

I never knew that about bubbles and your eye either. I demand a demonstration.

B.E. Earl said...

I'm with Kat - youtube demonstration of the eyelid bubble blowing trick. What are you...a lava lizard?

And I could go for a dill pickle sandwich right now.

Böbø said...

If anyone had all the Disney movies before having children, it would of been you!

I'd like to see you paint and draw again. And exhibit them on your blog!

Hullaballoo has taught me to draw using pastels. I'm surprisingly crap at it. But it is a lovely way to express what is happening for me in a non-verbal way.

We like to break up a walk with a sit-down, drawing or writing, and sharing a nibble of chocolate (or each other). Thus neatly combining getting paint mucky fingers with getting mucky with each other! How good is that!?

Melanie said...

I am a disney fan too. AND i hope I start believing in happy endings someday.

i would rather paint than draw, but drawing sure is meditative.

happy valentines day. xo

B.E. Earl said...

Why did you change your meez?

The last one made my pants tight. ;)

elizabeth said...

kat - I'd have to be really drunk to demonstrate... maybe this weekend... lol

bobo - I think I will draw again someday. Maybe. ;-)

Melanie - I think you will. It happens when you least expect it ;-) Happy Valentines!!!

Earl - did Slyde let you at the grappa again?

John said...

I wanna see the eye trick!

elizabeth said...

Nooooooo. It's seriously strange. I don't think I shoud showcase something that odd on here... LOL

elizabeth said...

Nooooooo. It's seriously strange. I don't think I shoud showcase something that odd on here... LOL