Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Well today is a big day in the States - which some of you know because... well you live there.

I'm not much to discuss politics. I don't generally have much in the way of an opinion... for many reasons that range from not being educated on what is actually going on and - because I generally get kind of angry at what IS actually going on once I do form an opinion.

Not that I get to vote - since I AM Canadian. But the US politics do have a great deal to do with certain things in our country - such as the fact that my brother will be going to Afghanistan primarily because of Bush (pompous ass that he is). Don't get me wrong - I KNOW what they do when they are over there. They help people a great deal more than anyone over here realizes. The soldiers build the people there schools and provide them with things they need for survival. All of them are heroes in the true sense of the word. But I digress....

Having said that - if I lived stateside I'm thinking that Obama would be the one. I think that Clinton is incredibly strong but there is just something about her that doesn't quite convince me she should be the one to do it. Though - being a woman I have to say there is something to say about the prospect of having a woman as president of a super power. It's about time that a woman was in the running and I think there's a chance that she could actually take this. But the fact that she is woman isn't enough alone to sway me in her direction. I would never think someone was worthy - or not worthy - to run a country just because of their sex or their race.

In my lifetime a great many history changing events have taken place: The Berlin wall came down, the Love canal, Princess Diana passed away, 911 broke the world's heart and so much more. This year - add to the events this presidential race. A woman and a black man in the top running to win this election (CORRECTION - democratic nomination - thanks Earl). It's about time. I am eager to see the outcome and interested in seeing the world's reaction.

I have to go shopping now. Priorities people. I can't stay serious for long - but then you already know that. It's why you love me.


Kat said...

At least if Hilary got in she'd be guaranteed to last longer than Kim Campbell.

Slyde said...

i REALLY was routing for Edwards... i think hes really the man for the job.

Right now, im with you on Obama. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will take Edwards as a running mate.

B.E. Earl said...

The problem with your statement "A woman and a black man in the top running to win this election" is that they are only in the running to win the Democratic nomination.

And with half the nation ready to hate either of them, the Democrats are showing that they can, once again, nominate a candidate without any chance whatsoever of beating the Republicans.

Say hello to President McCain or Romney.

PS - I'm a Democrat and I'm voting for Clinton today.

elizabeth said...

Kat - yeah. lol.

Slyde - You need to talk to Earl. lol.

Earl - Sorry - Democratic nomination - see I have no head for politics - thanks for helping me along. (It would be worse if I were American... he he)

But I think my point is still in there somewhere.

elizabeth said...

Thank god I'm cute huh? (KIDDING)

Melanie said...

i hate politics. that is all.

elizabeth said...

melanie - I do too. This particular nomination (see I'm a learning) just caught my attention.

Ruby said...

everytime i come here i feel like having a cupcake!!!

I thought some time away might cure it...but it didn't...*sigh*