Monday, February 11, 2008

My long lost sister Hullaballoo has tagged me for another meme. Since this blog is all about whatever I want it to be... for the present it will be entirely about me. Because I can. So off I go to fill you with oodles of random information about *me* so you can file it away for future use (or not)....

Here are six random and unimportant things about me for your reading pleasure...

1. I have an intense dislike repetitive noises of all kinds. It makes me kind of snap. Be it a newspaper crinkling, someone tapping their foot or someone clearing their throat - GRRRRRRRRR.

2. When I am eating eggs (liquid chickens) or mac and cheese - I have to try really hard not to gag. I have no idea why. (Well actually, the mac and cheese one I kind of get... I had this really bad nose bleed once when I was a kid - you guessed it - right after mum slapped a bit bowl of mac and cheese in front of me. I used to get these HORRIBLE nose bleeds when I was younger - all the time. Anyways, I think somehow it scarred me and I associate it with mac and cheese on a subconscious level.... but the eggs? Dunno bout them - perhaps just the thought of eating unfertilized embryos?)

3. When I'm angry or very stressed out I clean. With a toothbrush. Sometimes with a q-tip.

4. I think freckles are kind of sexy. Especially ones in odd places like... toes ;-)

5. At some point in my life I would like to learn oodles about quantum physics - for no reason in particular.

6. Sometimes when no one is home I dance all through the house - leaping and spinning and singing. Seriously. I get really into it.

I tag thee Earl, Badger, Kaylee, Slyde, Kat and Elizabeth.


Böbø said...

I'm wondering if you get angry often - and therefore how micro clean things are. I'm thinking not, unless provoked by repetitive noises of course.

And yes, freckles are very sexy.

While dancing round the house, singing! Awwww lovely.

Me meme's are such fun!

Glugster said...

So is that Spartan's strategy to get the house cleaned? Making you angry? LOL

elizabeth said...

Bobo - No. It is true that I am not often angered. So the house is trashed. (kidding)
I clean it like "normal" people the rest of the time.
I do like the memes!

Glugster - Ha! Lol. I have to tell you - I can honestly say that Spartan has never made me angry. I would be more likely to have my feelings hurt - in which case I eat. But he's never done that either. So, I'm getting thinner by the day and my house looks....well like people live here. I can live with that ;-D

Kat said...

You do realize that earl is going to kill you (softly with his song) for tagging him?

And thanks a lot for that bit about the eggs. I haven't eaten yet and was looking forward to those little embryos until you started talking about blood and gagging.

elizabeth said...

Kat - yeah. I know. Which is why I typed his name with such glee.

Oh and about the eggs - welcome ;-) I shall be calling you presently so that we can laugh about this.

Joe the Troll said...

You're invited to my place any time you're stressed out.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Joe... I think ;-)

B.E. Earl said...

I refuse the tag (sorry...I'm not a fan, so I try to keep it to one meme every few months or so), but I do have a freckle in an odd spot. On the side of my index finger. Right at the first knuckle mark. Hot, right?

elizabeth said...

Yah hot. But then not. Cuz you aren't doing the tag. I am stomping my feet right now and shall start cleaning momentarily.

i am the diva said...

So, i was on my way over here to tag you and i realize you pretty much did the exact same meme over here... and i also see that you've tagged me for the positive meme... so i guess i'm gonna tag you anyway then get to work on the meme you tagged ME for. lol.

tag baby: 7 random or weird things about the yourself

The rules are as follows:

# Link to the person who tagged you
# Post the rules on your blog.
# Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
# Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
# Leave a comment on their blogs so that they know they have been tagged.

B.E. Earl said...

Crap...and now I got tagged by the same thing from Diva!

Double-team tag!

OK...but only because you stomped your feet. ;)

Melanie said...

quantum physics.... me too!!!!


elizabeth said...

Diva - okay. I think I can come up with 7 more things... but I'm not sure anyone will want to read another meme by me... lol

Earl - many claps!!!

Melanie - maybe we can learn together!! That could be fun!

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a lovely meme from my wee sis {{{{Elizabeth}}}}. Strangely, there is the same gap between you and me as there is between me and my big sis.

I so do the dancing through the house thing too, and I add in to it a bit of air guitar playing on my tennis racket lol. You are a sweetheart.

I didn't realise you were a mum too, and that your long distance relationship had been going for 8 months too. Well spookyeeee.

I'm gonna try your weirdy sandwich recipe, sounds delish.


elizabeth said...

Wow - there are quite a few odd parallels between you and me. Kind of fun init?

I would eat the sandwich too but I'm afraid it would send me into shock... it's been like 15 years.

So glad you came over! Hope you had a good valentines day!!