Monday, February 25, 2008

This is my own take on Kat's recent blog... kat wants into google... instead I googled "Liz wants". Since my birthday is coming pay close

1. Liz wants to turn Taj Mahal pink!
2.Liz wants to have more options for cookies, like the one now being invented: the chocolate-dipped Mocha Macadamia.
3.Liz wants to turn sixteen.
4.Here Liz will age backward from the day of her death until she becomes a baby again and returns to Earth. (Now this - this would be good...)
5.Liz wants to go stargazing down at the beach
6. Liz wants mashed potatos.
7. Liz wants nothing to do with the randy Lothario.
8. When I think of liz, I think of ______. I want liz to ______ me. ... ♥In The Future Liz Will_____. ♥Liz______Me. ♥Liz Wants To______ With Me. ... (I'm confused but okay...)
9.Liz wants is a guy to be real to her... and she could probably use a towel too. (Yikes)
10.Liz wants all the ladies to wear hot pink saris and all the men to wear turbans and long orange tunics. (Doesn't everyone?)
11.Liz needs gold receipts to pay the carpenters.
13.Liz wants and reveals that she owns a small ferret farm 60 miles north of New York City. (The things I don't tell you people.)
14.Liz wants pigs, cows and sheep as wedding gifts? (And now you know.)
15. Liz wants McDonalds.


Kat said...

That last one you added yourself didn't you.

elizabeth said...

LMAO!!! Actually no! Which makes it even funnier!!

B.E. Earl said... found a meez of me dressed up like a wizard!!!

PS - I'm eating mashed potatoes as I write this. Huh.

elizabeth said...

Yeah - cool hey?

I want some!

Melanie said...

I came up with zip. I have realized it may be time for me to start posting in my blog using my name!

Melanie wrestled a cowboy off a horse today and hogtied him.